Apple’s red iPhone 8: It’s very red, and this time Apple got the front right

“For the second consecutive year, Apple is releasing a Product RED color variant of its iPhone. The red iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will be available from all major carriers on Friday; preorders have already begun,” Chris Welch writes for The Verge. “Sadly, there’s no red iPhone X for reasons unknown, but Apple is putting out a Product RED folio case so you can at least buy an accessory for the device that sends some of the purchase price to a good cause.”

“The major difference between last year’s Product RED iPhone and this one is that Apple has wisely gone with a black bezel on the front,” Welch writes. “Now Apple has made the right choice, and the red / black combo is indeed very, very sleek.”

“This thing is red, and the color can shift a bit depending on the light,” Welch writes. “In sunlight, it’s a vivid candy red. Indoors, it’s a bit more subdued. So I’m all the more disappointed that Apple decided against a Product RED iPhone X; this shade of red with stainless steel sides would’ve looked great. Maybe next year.”

iPhone 8 (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition comes in a stunning red glass enclosure, matching aluminum band and sleek black front.
iPhone 8 (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition comes in a stunning red glass enclosure, matching aluminum band and sleek black front.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, the black face is much better. Not as good as the iPhone X, of course (save for the notch), but better than distracting white:

We found we prefer the classic black face for iPhone vs. the white face… which we feel competes a bit too much with the display… For us, it’s all about the iPhone’s face, which we want to disappear, not gleam.MacDailyNews, September 15, 2015

As we wrote on Monday:

No iPhone X version? Disappointing. Apple’d sell more and support (RED) better with the top of the line iPhone included. It’s good to see the new (PRODUCT)RED iPhone X Leather Folio available, at least.

Certainly, the black front on the iPhone 8 models is a welcome improvement over white!

Apple introduces iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition – April 9, 2018


  1. Who gives a shit?

    Who here would prefer lots of PRODUCT[{(RED)}] products over a new Mac Pro, new Mac Mini, updated Airport products, a HomePod that does STEREO (for heaven’s sake), an Apple TV remote that works?

    This PRODUCT RED stuff is pure bullshit.

    1. And don’t tell anybody else who cares about children’s lives. They might think that it is more important that hundreds of thousands of women and children be saved than that Kent have a new Mini.

      “Who gives a shit?” Millions of people, actually, the African victims (overwhelmingly heterosexual) of HIV infections, and their families who have a chance to survive thanks to programs like Product (RED).

  2. Not a penny should be spent on AIDS research while innocent children are dying from cancer. Homosexual promiscuity should be discouraged not encouraged with virtue signaling bullshit like this. Where is the “Product Red” camaign for dying kids?

    1. Nick,

      This IS the “Product Red campaign for dying kids,” which you would know if you cared to read.

      The beneficiary of Product (Red) is the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, which spends most of its funds treating children and pregnant women in Subsaharan Africa, where HIV is transmitted overwhelmingly by heterosexual contact.

      Most of the victims being treated got the virus from their husband or father, so “homosexual promiscuity” has nothing to do with it. Even if you think that it’s OK for homosexuals to die a horrible death, these are innocent children and their heterosexual and generally non-promiscuous mothers.

      Thanks to the Global Fund and similar programs, the number of deaths from AIDS-related illnesses in the region has fallen from 760,000 in 2010 to about 420,000 in 2016.

      Of course, those 340,000 annual saved lives are all African, so that won’t impress anyone who doesn’t think that black lives matter. If saving that many lives is ‘virtue signaling,” what are you signaling?

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