Apple’s iOS 11.3: Should you install it now or wait a few weeks?

“Last week saw Apple release the long-awaited iOS 11.3 update for iPhone, iPad, and the iPod touch,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet. “But should you rush out and install it or wait for bug fixes to arrive?”

“I’ve been running the iOS 11.3 betas on a number of different devices since the first public beta emerged back in January, and it’s been quite a mixed experience, oscillating from super-buggy to surprisingly stable,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “All in all, apart from the laggy performance, [the public release of] iOS 11.3 feels pretty good. Given that performance, especially frame drops, has been an issue throughout the iOS 11 lifecycle (and iOS 10 if I’m being honest), this issue may be here to stay (hopefully things will be different come iOS 12).”

“Given the broad range of bug fixes it contains, it’s hard to advise anyone to delay installing it,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “That said, it’s likely that iOS 11.3.1 will drop in the next few weeks, so you could hold back and install that.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As always, it depends on your device and comfort level. For years, our advice was pretty much to upgrade as soon as possible, for security alone, if not for new features and performance increases. In more the recent post-Steve Jobs era, Apple’s quality control has gotten shaky at times, so you might want to check online to find out about early installers’ experiences before taking the plunge.

That sais, all of our iOS devices have been updated with no issues, but keep in mind that our iOS devices are all of recent vintage, too.

Please let us know if you’ve had any specific issues introduced with iOS 11.3 below.

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  1. Gmail bug (when Gmail is in Mail app) which shows one new message when there are none. Otherwise no issues on 6S and IPad Air 2. On 6S, battery (we have Apple battery cases) battery remaining went to less than 10% from nearly full immediately after update, but no further issue.

  2. I’ve been running iOS 11.3 since the first beta. It’s very stable, delivers improved battery life, and improved performance.

    In my opinion, there is no need to wait. It’s better than 11.2.6 in every way.

  3. “OK Doc, would you like to install me now or wait ’til you get home?”


    “You keep outta dis. He does not have to install you now.”

    “Well I say he DOES have to install me now, I DEMAND that you install me now! Nyah.”


    1. Unless you’re new to Apple, you probably already know the pros and cons of updating on day one. Pretty much the same discussion happens every time there is an update for IOS or OS X.

      Personally I prefer to wait a week or so before updating. If any issues start emerging, the early adopters will have encountered them. You can be 100% sure that if there is any sort of bad news story about Apple, you’ll get to hear all about it in the mainstream media.

  4. I’m ALWAYS one to wait when a new version of the OS rolls out. I usually wait for the first major revision, but this is the third revision so I went ahead and loaded it up on both devices immediately. No problems so far.

  5. Funny he mentioned frame drops…the last beta version before this release seemed way smoother. When I installed the release version, I noticed frame drops immediately. When they announced the public release, I mistakenly assumed it was a newer version than I had, and was relieved that I’d get a smooth interface again..then checked updates..and was bummed to see I was running it already. It was night and day. Wish I knew what they changed. FaceID takes longer too..

  6. ITunes Match
    I don’t know if people have noticed, but iTunes Match has become a pretty incredible, efficient, and fast responding service for those who need it (like me who has a lot of classical music not available on Apple Music). It had basically become as good as you would hope for (although from time to time the odd track won’t match in an album where everything else does), until iOS 11.3. Since then, adding tracks to iTunes on my main music computer will not be add those tracks to my iOS devices, though they are added to my other Mac (I updated everything). I have now several times signed out and back in of my iCloud Music library, without it being properly fixed. So I’ve now signed out and back in of the ITunes Store. Maybe that will work. But this is definitely a problem caused by iOS 11.3

  7. They’ve – once again! – SERIOUSLY trashed how Safari handles website Password auto-fill; on 11.2 it suddenly started working like a dream, now its back to wreckage.

  8. The review section of the iOS appStore (macOS appStore, iTunes store,…) is still fatally broken in that only reviews from the user’s national store are visible. This probably isn’t a problem for large single-language countries, including the US, because of the abundance of reviews. Hence probably Apple’s blatant disregard of the problem that in other stores there may be very few (non-statistically significant) reviews. Even though there may be relevant reviews from other countries in the user’s language, or in a language (s)he understands. E.g., many people understand English, and would be much served if the reviews from oother countries could be merged in the (scarce) reviews from their national store.. I for one would appreciate being able to see reviews (beside the Dutch ones) in English, French, even Spanish and German. Indeed, many apps and even content are country-agnostic. All it takes for apple is to allow a user preference for the app/iTunes stores, where on can specify the language of the reviews one wants, accross national Apple store boundaries.I am persuaded that at some point Apple will be forced by the EU to allow free access of info within Europe.Appl, please clean up your act!

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