Apple’s iOS 11.3 delivers awesome new iPhone features

“It seems like it took forever, but Apple finally released its hotly anticipated iOS 11.3 update on Thursday afternoon,” Zach Epstein writes for BGR. “Why would a software update other than iOS 12 be hotly anticipated, you ask? Despite merely being a “dot” update, this iOS 11.3 release includes a feature that iPhone users have been dying for: a way to disable Apple’s automatic iPhone throttling on devices with older batteries.”

“There are some other things that have Apple fans buzzing as well, such as four new Animoji characters — lion, bear, dragon, and skull — and notifications when iOS wants your personal data,” Epstein writes. “There’s much more to the iOS 11.3 update, though, and in this post we’ll discuss five cool new features that you might not know about.”

Apple’s iOS 11.3 delivers awesome new iPhone features, including:
• Speed and performance improvements
• Augmented Reality enhancements
• App review sorting
• Username and passwords autofill in apps
• Death of the auto-correct capitalization bug

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MacDailyNews Take: iOS 11.3 is performing like a champ on our iPhone X and iPad Pro units. How’s iOS 11.3 treating you and your iPhones and/or iPads?


  1. My Poop Animoji is even more smoother and realistic if I was a real poop talking. I’m super happy with the new update! 😛 Seriously I think my battery actually runs longer and doesn’t drain as much when idle.

  2. There’s actually quite a few irritating bugs, par for Apple nowadays. Sharing photos in messages is screwed up, messages to multiple people is screwed up, screen rotation is screwed up. This is the worst release I can remember.

  3. Jitter introduced in some saved podcasts, like the new system font in some iPad software. Other than podcast jitter no complaints. Seems ever so slightly faster but I think that’s observer bias. No other complaints

  4. Does 11.3 have an analog clock as it’s lock screen like the old Blackberry OS had? Would be a great feature, could use it as my night clock and it would look great I’m sure.

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