Fortnite releases major iOS update with guided missile, antialiasing, Party Text Chat, and much more

“Epic Games released a major update for its super popular iOS release of Fortnite,” Michael Potuck reports for 9to5Mac. “Along with the standard performance and bug fixes, the update brings new weapons and items, changes to gameplay, new features for mobile devices and more.”

“Fortnite for iOS version 3.4 is available today (via Gadgets360),” Potuck reports. “The new version features a lot of changes and also throws in some new easter eggs and spring themed content.”

Potuck reports, “Some of the headline features of version 3.4 include: a new guided missile, launch pad drop increased by 25%, new weapons updates in Sniper Shootout gameplay, a new game data download system (will make future updates smaller), antialiasing on supported mobile devices, Whispers and Part Text Chat now available, and much more.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A very popular games gets even better… on Apple’s iOS!

Mobile gaming is having a moment and Apple’s in the driver’s seat – March 21, 2018


  1. OK, improved virtual violence.

    For us Catholics, why not an app whose goal is to accumulate as many Good Works as possible, with the one performing the most Good Works being the winner?

    Or, for Protestants, the one with the most souls saved being the winner?

    For Fundamentalists, the winner would be the one who gets caught the least getting liquored up in the closet, or, on the other hand, the one that beats his spouse the most but gets caught the least?

    1. Games let us experience things that we would not normally encounter in real life. One hopes that those that you list get enough Good Works, Soul Saving during their normal, non-role playing daily lives.

      1. Unfortunately, a growing number of people don’t seem to have “non-role playing daily lives”. Only Facebook, FPS and Cheetos, with the intermittent doobie top-off when reality encroaches.

    2. Ok, how about doing something constructive (like writing an app to do what you desire), rather than complaining and whining that other people exercise their own free will?
      (And from my childhood experience, it’s the drunk catholic who beat his wife).

  2. AppStore: You are approved Fortnight, let’s give our kids guided missile launchers to blow shit up!

    But let’s keep them all in the closet about SEX and PORN. Hush, hush, it’s the victorian (apple) way!

    1. When you think about it, it isn’t about morality at all — it’s about keeping the population in check. Promote violence — reduce the population. Suppress sexual stimulation — reduce the population. It’s a giant conspiracy to keep common breeders down, to control the rabble.

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