Apple CEO Tim Cook tweets support for Austin employees facing serial bomber threat

“The latest of four bombings in the Austin area in the past 16 days has a ‘higher level of sophistication’ than the previous three, according to an update from Austin Interim Police Chief Brian Manley,” KXAN-TV reports. “‘We are clearly dealing with what we expect to be a serial bomber at this point,'” Manley said.”

“Hours after the bombing Manley said it is “very possible” the device in Sunday night’s explosion was triggered by a tripwire. In a press conference around 10 a.m., he said the device that exploded has similarities to the other explosive devices, based on preliminary results, even though it does use a more complex tripwire system. He noted in an earlier press conference that the bombs have different kinds of projectiles within them,” KXAN-TV reports. “Two men, who are 22 and 23 years old respectively, were either riding or pushing their bicycles, when the latest bomb next to a fence exploded in the “Travis Country East” subdivision in southwest Austin around 8:32 p.m. Both men are in good condition at the hospital, according to a spokesperson for St. David’s South Austin Medical Center, but do have significant injuries. The Austin Police Department confirmed both men injured in the latest bombing are white, while the other victims were black or Hispanic.”

“Along with more than 500 federal agents, bomb technicians from San Antonio and Houston are headed to Austin to help with the case,” KXAN-TV reports. “Sunday night’s bombing took place just after 8:30 p.m. The explosion Sunday evening is the fourth such incident since March 2, when 39-year-old Anthony Stephan House was killed by a package bomb in northeast Austin. A second (east Austin) and third bombing (southeast Austin) during the morning hours of March 12 ended in another person being killed and another two injured.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple CEO Tim Cook has expressed his support via Twitter:

Tim Cook tweets photos of his visit to Mac Pro factory, Apple ops campus in Texas – June 6, 2014


  1. Ban all bombs!

    Oh, wait, bombs are already banned.

    And, yet, the bombings continue in Austin.

    – Brought to you by logic, something wholly unfamiliar to Dem/Lib/Progs

    1. By your logic, First This Then That, the solution to the problem of cowardly domestic bomb terrorists is for everyone to carry grenades. Escalation of violent weapons is the only answer to the medieval man.

      Aren’t you supposed to be chastising Cook for expressing sympathy to the victims? His only function is to pump up AAPL with short term gimmicks until he retires, that’s what the greedhead scum demand. Only $ matters, nothing else.

    2. Interesting, Fwhatever… I was almost expecting you to advocate greater access to bombs for the general public. After all, the only way to stop a maniac with a bomb is a good person with a bomb. And bombs have useful practical applications, such as blowing stumps out of the ground or breaking apart a large rock so that it can be removed. In some cases, it may be helpful to have a semi-automatic bomb so that a good person has extra protection from bad people with bombs…perhaps even a bump-stock bomb. /s

      You wouldn’t recognize real logic if you were a Vulcan and it cam up and slapped you in your pointy ears, Fwhatever.

    3. You might note, Fwhaever, that there are far fewer bomb attacks than armed assaults.
      o one has ever claimed that banning a product will eliminate all negative uses of a device. Yet, Republican Presidents and legislators are eager to wage “war” on some things with potentially undesirable consequences while ardently defending other things. It has a lot to do with money and special interests, it appears. Our current POTUS, who ridiculed legislators for being afraid of the NRA, backed down quite rapidly from his own rhetoric. Ahhh, the smell of unabashed hypocrisy!

      Relatively speaking, in the civilian world there are far fewer attacks and deaths attributable to bombs in contrast to firearms. So, perhaps banning something dangerous does have a salutary effect?

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