Eddy Cue on why NRA TV is allowed on Apple’s App Store for Apple TV

At the South by Southwest conference, CNNMoney’s Dylan Byers spoke with Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue about what is and is not allowed on the company’s app stores.

We think when you have a large platform, there’s a lot of responsibility…. We came up with guidelines that had to be followed in order to participate in there. The other part is that nobody is completely free. There’s no such thing as free. There’s no pornography on any of [Apple’s] sites. So, people do draw lines, and you can decide where you want to draw the line. We do think free speech is important, but we don’t think white supremacy or hate speech is free speech that’s important to be out there… We denied bomb-making apps, apps that were submitted into our store that would teach you how to make a bomb, we just don’t think that’s something we want on our platform, and so we draw those lines.

We draw a set of guidelines that are published, so everyone in the world can read them. If it doesn’t follow the guidelines, we obviously don’t allow it in the store. And, we do think it’s important… we have certainly the NRA TV app, we also have pro-gun control apps in our store. It’s important for America and the world to have debate on certain issues, from that standpoint, but if it falls off – I’ll give you an example – from day one, we decided that we did not want our App Store to be a place that you buy and sell guns and so we don’t allow apps that allow you to buy or sell guns. And, again, free speech is something we stand behind and it is important, but that doesn’t mean it’s everything. — Eddy Cue

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Note: The NRA TV app is available on Apple’s App Store for Apple TV devices here and requires tvOS 9.2 or later.

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    1. “We don’t think white supremacy or hate speech is free speech that’s important to be out there.” — Eddy Cue

      Eddy Cue doesn’t understand the meaning of free speech.

      Advocacy of unpopular ideas that people may find distasteful or against public policy are almost always permitted under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.


  1. The left constantly trying to stop people from speaking and trying to get things dropped like the NRA and have it their way only. Isn’t this a little dangerous for our freedom of speech and along the lines of communism? Yet, they put down Trump and call him names and try to delegitimize on everything he does. The left is out of control and ruining America!

      1. A child is not your body. The child’s body is its own body. Killing your child is murder regardless of whether he or she is inside or outside the womb.

          1. Someone just needs to invent a gun that could be used to kill a fetus. Once it’s listed as a firearm that can be registered, then you get rid of all the abortion clinics. GOTTA be better than using a coat hanger, and less likely to kill yourself.

    1. When you can replace conservative words in your posts with liberal ones and they read like a liberal snowflake, then you’re conservative snowflake and you need to stop. Leave the hurt feelings and crybabies to the liberals. Sure, remove my access to the NRA channel, it’s not like I’m not going to find it elsewhere. That’s conservative thinking. “WAAAAAH! PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO TAKE AWAY MY CONSERVATIVE STUFF AND THEY DON’T TREAT ME LIKE SPECIAL COOL SNOWFLAKE I KNOW I AM!” That’s liberal thinking.

    2. Seems to me the right is doing it’s fair share of ruining America as well (check out Trump’s recent money grab for the rich and contemplating reducing Medicare and Social Security benefits to pay for it). Thanks to this unbalanced money transfer benefit to the rich we are going into debt at a much higher rate.

      In this country we have precious little to be proud of in our political parties, each with their own extreme destructive & off-putting agendas.

  2. The fact that someone asked this question and that Apple thought they needed to answer is insane.
    Freedom of speech, all speech.
    Otherwise you may as well move to China.

        1. Well it is time you read the fine print that came with your Apple device. Apple owns the ecosystem, you pay to be on it. Apple will remove you if you violate the terms. IOS isn’t protected by the US Constitution. When are you people going to realize that corporations aren’t interested in your rights, they just want your money????

          1. Can’t speak to the terms and conditions, but last time I checked Apple did include (on every phone and tablet) the most powerful weapon for freedom of speech invented since the printing press: a web browser.

          2. I WANT Apple to remove me from the ecosystem. I bought a gizmo, not a lifestyle or conformity.

            You are 1000% correct that corporations are not interested in y rights, only my money, but it’s ME that’s interested in BOTH.

            And Apple may not be the Constitution, but it’s the Constitution that grants me control over my property.

  3. Pretty soon, everyone’s gonna have their own channel. Scientology just launched their own channel, too.

    I don’t have an issue with NRA TV, but where DO you draw the line? A lot of folks didn’t like Al Jezeera on their cable box. What about the Kremlin’s channel, RT. If that’s okay, could you object to ISIS TV? KKK-TV? Black Panther Party TV?

    One person’s acceptable is another person’s outrageous. Just be careful what you wish for…

    1. Just to add to the distinction, using your example:

      “A lot of folks didn’t like Al Jezeera on their cable box.”

      This channel was force fed by the cable networks, not enough people watched it, it’s funding dried up and it failed.

      On streaming services there should be NO censorship (NONE), the people will decide what they watch, based on their own choice.

      That said, it’s the right of the content provider (app store moderator?) to tag content, or allow others to comment on said content so people can make choices prior to download, or for appropriateness for children etc.

      But don’t exclude it. It may be disgusting to 99.9999% of the world. It may never be watched and fail. The second Censorship starts on the ‘truly disgusting’, what’s next on the slope to slip? At what point does it stop?

      How long does it take before your favorite sporting event is labeled ‘violent’ and removed.

      If you do not agree or like something, fine, luckily, in America, that is an enumerated Right, the same as if you Do like something and would like to talk about it.

      It is the Diversity of Thought that matters, everything else is window dressing.

      1. “On streaming services there should be NO censorship”
        Says the guy that has ran three successful multi-million dollar streaming services. Wait, you haven’t?

        Oh, you’re just another conservative snowflake, whining in hopes that you can make the world see how much they’re triggering you and hurting your feelings. Meanwhile, real conservatives will get the content they want when they want it where they want it using whatever outlet that has it. Oh, and make fun of you.

  4. That parkland massacre sure has been a boon for the NRA. Imagine the financial windfall for gun manufacturers if the decision to arm teachers is brought to fruition.

    I haven’t read anything in the mainstream media about suggesting a new school uniform policy that includes bullet proof vests for the students. Then again that should not be surprising, just look at the Parkland post that happened here at MDN, where off topic comments riddled with insults far surpassed any supplant offering of sympathies and respect to the victims and their families. The MDN community should be proud. After all why show any respect for slaughtered children and their families, it’s just not in that nation’s DNA (Destructive Nuclear Arsenal).

    1. “I haven’t read anything in the mainstream media about suggesting a new school uniform policy that includes bullet proof vests for the students.”

      eat another Tide pod…they’re good for you!

      1. I’m so very impressed that you are recommended an action that is dangerous if not fatal to human life. While it shows your total disdain for others it lacks a certain degree of patriotism. I mean seriously botvinnik, tide pods are poisonous, and that’s more Russia’s approach. I think it would be much more patriot if you suggested something like putting a loaded gun to the head and pulling the trigger until it goes click. Just saying.

          1. I don’t know, but a country that is moronic enough to wipe their ass on the the Universal declaration of human rights and embrace torture is capable of anything.

            At least we agree about the libtards, it’s part and parcel of what makes your terroristic war mongering nation so pathetic. Maybe you should think about exterminating them. After all you have all those Tide pods at your disposal.

    2. Hmmm…

      “After all why show any respect for slaughtered children and their families”

      Are you referring to the members of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House that were calling for canned legislation and regulations DURING the evacuation process of the school?

      Then yes it was truly disgusting that low-life politicians were pushing their personal agendas while tragedy was still occurring without any knowledge of facts, only that people, children, were being injured and killed with no protection.

      It was truly disgusting that the same politicians still didn’t care for the children, and took grief stricken children and handed them talking points to push their agendas and put them on international TV for their own self interest. All while ignoring the facts which were starting to emerge.

      Yes it is truly disgusting when politicians suggest ‘doing something’ and using children and grief to push agendas that have nothing to do with solving the problem.

      And when someone actually offers a solution or tries to work towards an actual solution, they scoff, belittle, and twist to promote their agenda of ‘doing something’, that will have little to no affect on what happened or stop it from happening again.

      Yes truly disgusting.

      And just for the record, NO CHILD SHOULD EVER DIE

      We, as adults, should do EVERYTHING in our power to STOP predators and publicity seekers from ever harming or killing a child.

      1. That’s a good post 1transvaluation but that was not I was referring to specifically. Rather I was drawing attention to the topic heading of Feb 15: Apple CEO Cook prays for victims, families, and loved ones of mass murder in Parkland, Florida where there were over 150 posts.

        In the topic heading MDN presented their respects along with Tim Cook, Melania and Donald Trump so as per usual I did the same. Turns out I was pretty well the only one, but don’t take my word for it, go have a look.

        You said “We, as adults, should do EVERYTHING in our power to STOP predators and publicity seekers from ever harming or killing a child.” One of those things is to pay some respect when the time comes for victims and families who have suffered such atrocities as opposed to what happened there. I sure hope the next time an incident of this nature happens that some from the MDN community will make their voices heard, and pay their respects, like civilized people should do.

        Thanks for the post, you put forth a nice perspective on the situation.

  5. “…we don’t think white supremacy or hate speech is free speech…”

    And they would be wrong.

    They don’t have to provide it a platform, but that type pf speech is protected.

    1. Be sure to defend the liberals who have had their posts removed from MDN.

      Citizen X was exercising his first amendment and stevejack chose to ban hims and instead to condone the contant off topic rubbish from the goeb-botvinnik-firstcutthenpaste triplets.

      1. I may be confused but my understanding is that a private non-governmental web site such as MDN does not have to provide free speech and can be moderated as the owner(s)/administrator(s) see fit.

        Like I said, I’m not 100% sure of that but that’s the way I see it here.

        1. Yep. But the conservitards think Apple iOS is somehow required to comply to the US Constitution. They don’t comprehend how restricted iOS is. IOS isn’t a personal computer platform at all. It’s a modern mainframe, a walled garden and users don’t hold the keys.

          Apple and the social network companies will predictably back whatever makes them the most money. Do you actually think the NRA is a valuable brand? Since the NRA transformed itself from an enthusiast club into a pure political lobby funded by the few, actual membership has dropped. It represents less than 2% of the US population (5 million is the NRA claim) and all gunowners total about 24% of the population according to Pew Research. the super enthusiastic arsenal owners are going to have to consume a lot of gun media to keep the channel alive. On cable TV, shitty channels live on for years since they are subsidized by people forced to buy huge bundles of shlock they don’t want. Most sportsmen would rather be out at the range or woods than listen to Crazy Wayne scaremongering.

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