Vintage computer collection up for sale including 80 classic Macs, ready to become a computer museum

“Many people can’t bear to part with their old computers, and slowly build a collection of aging models in their basement,” Ed Hardy reports for Cult of Mac. “Benj Edwards has taken it to the next level; he owns at least 228 unique devices, many of them classic Apple products going back to the 1980s, and he’s put them all up for sale, ready to become a computer museum.”

“He has 80 Apple computers, including a Lisa 2, quite a few Mac II series and Mac Classics, many PowerBooks, and a range of Power Macintosh desktops,” Hardy reports. “There’s even some iPhones and iPads thrown in.”

“As Mr. Edwards is hoping to keep his collection together, he might insist that a purchase include the 72 classic PCs, the 19 Commodore devices, and the 145 gaming consoles. There are also ‘thousands of accessories,’ he says,” Hardy reports. “Mr. Edwards doesn’t give a price for his garage stuffed with computers.”

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