1. ISTR, the rainbow logo was associated with Apple Computer, Inc. and was dropped and replaced with the solid logo with the name change to Apple, Inc. after the ascendency of the iPhone.

    1. Almost. The rainbow logo went away in the 90s. Apple used a white apple logo on the PowerBook G3 in 1998, and the 1998 iMacs didn’t have any rainbow logos at all. The rainbow logo remained in the menu bar in Mac OS 9 but was absent on the hardware.

      The company name change didn’t happen after ascendancy of the iPhone; it was announced at the same event as the iPhone launch on June 29, 2007.

  2. I don’t understand the need for a NEW ownership filing? Rainbow pride parades, gay CEO, OK got that part.

    But Apple used this logo for roughly two decades in all corporate branding and products, so again, what is the new need? Apple pride T-shirts? Just curious.

    Actually, a 3-D rainbow logo on the upcoming MacPro might be retro forward cool …

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