Six U.S. intelligence agencies warn against using Chinese phones from Huawei

“Six top U.S. intelligence chiefs told the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday they would not advise Americans to use products or services from Chinese smartphone maker Huawei,” Sara Salinas reports for CNBC. “The six — including the heads of the CIA, FBI, NSA and the director of national intelligence — first expressed their distrust of Apple-rival Huawei and fellow Chinese telecom company ZTE in reference to public servants and state agencies.”

“When prompted during the hearing, all six indicated they would not recommend private citizens use products from the Chinese companies,” Salinas reports. “‘”We’re deeply concerned about the risks of allowing any company or entity that is beholden to foreign governments that don’t share our values to gain positions of power inside our telecommunications networks,’ FBI Director Chris Wray testified.”

“Huawei has been trying to enter the U.S. market, first through a partnership with AT&T that was ultimately called off. At the time, Huawei said its products would still launch on American markets,” Salinas reports. “Last month, Huawei CEO Richard Yu raged against American carriers, accusing them of depriving customers of choice. Reports said U.S. lawmakers urged AT&T to pull out of the deal.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As always, we recommend using real iPhones, not poor imitations, and certainly not junk from Huawei. As per Richard Yu’s comment: Americans unfortunately have more than enough choice of Apple IP- and trade dress-infringing iPhone knockoffs from a wide range of stolen product fragmandroid peddlers.

U.S. House Intelligence Committee’s attack on China’s Huawei, ZTE could trigger major crisis – October 10, 2012


    1. Last March, President Trump touched the face of an American hero who lost his arms in battle. When asked why he did so, President Trump said he touched the man’s face so he could feel the “human connection.”

      Where was the mainstream media on this? They were obsessing about a Special Counsel conducting an investigation based on a phony dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign and subsequently used as the basis for a FISA warrant so the outgoing Obama administration could spy on a U.S. Presidential candidate and President-elect via weaponized U.S. intelligence agencies.

      1. The dossier was originally paid for by a GOP group. Later after Trump won the election. Then and only then did the Clinton campaign and DNC continue funding it.

        The person producing the dossier was an ex- British spy specializing in the Russians. This ex Brit spy was so worried by his finding he contacted and met with the FBI.

        Unknown to him the FBI had already known of the Trump campaign to gain info form the Russians months earlier from Papadopolus, a Trump national security advisor. This and the actions of another Trump advisor is were the FISA warrant first surfaced and issued. These warrants were renewed four times.

        1. If Rep. Nunes or any of his colleagues have even a scintilla of evidence that any agency in the Obama Administration was spying on the Trump Campaign or Transition Team, why haven’t they presented it?

          Carter Page had left the campaign months before the first warrant application, so even persuasive evidence that he was improperly targeted would not indicate that anyone more closely associated with Mr. Trump was surveilled. Page has been under investigation for his Russian connections off and on since 2013, years before he was associated with Trump. Spying on him—even if true and improper—would not even suggest that Trump was a real target.

          In fact, there is very little persuasive evidence that even Page was improperly targeted. We only have the word of the anonymous staffer who wrote the Nunes memo for that; the minority’s response has been suppressed. However, even if one were persuaded that the original FISA warrant application was flawed, what about the three renewals?

          Each of those Applications not only had to establish anew that there was probable cause to believe that Carter Page was the agent of a foreign government, but also that the surveillance obtained under the prior warrant(s) had been useful. The Steele Dossier could not have been used for that. The FISA Court judges who considered the renewal Applications were appointed by the Republican-appointed Chief Justice of the United States. Each of them had been previously appointed and confirmed to an Article III court, likely by a Republican President and/or Senate. All three of the FISA judges issued warrant renewals.

          1. Very good. Also correct.

            May I add trump is a liar. He only knows how to lie. He could have ended all this and said yes he told Flynn to tell the Russians that as president he would undo everything President Obama was going to do in reference to the Russians meddling in the election. Guest what, a few weeks of upset, people would have said he didn’t know he couldn’t tell them that before being made president. It would have been done. Well, except that he’s a real crook and that would not have been the full truth. By hiring Flynn he told the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, etc, who he was and what he had been up to. The thought that he would keep his hands clean by having his family do the dirty work is not going to protect him. Trump believing his kids would never give him up.

            Trump made a big deal over what amounted to documents not labeled clearly on Clinton’s server. Trump has a White House full of people that should not the handling classified information and a daughter and son in law using personal emails and servers, where is the cry to lock them up.

      2. 30% of the people, you mean.

        ironic that a president so incompetent in any matters of security, and an Android user, would win the praise of ultra nationalists like first whatever despite the obvious need for national security enhancements against state sponsors of information warfare. Trump is too stupid to lead any effort to stop the cyber attacks, he’s too busy trying to attack the us security services to save his own ass.

        Trump is a globalist until he makes a stump speech. Then he becomes an isolationist displaying his ignorance of any internet or info tech.

      3. Your tripe is so sickly sweet that it turns my stomach. And “so loved by the people”? What people? His 38% base? He is certainly not “loved” or even respected by most people in the U.S. Outside of the U.S., he is loved (and ridiculed privately) by Putin and his cronies.

        Where was the mainstream media for what? And what makes you think that Trump did what he did for the reasons that you cite? The lengths to which you will go to glorify Trump and vilify his detractors knows no bounds. You are truly more of a tool than I ever imagined possible.

        1. Tricky Dick said the same thing. Then as his crimes were identified, Dick Nixon had no choice but to resign and beg Ford for a pardon.

          Trump thinks $130k in hush money is enough to keep his transgressions silent. He will soon learn the price American patriots demand from treasoners is much higher.

    2. It should be obvious that “Addled Lib” is an impostor. A real Liberal would not describe himself as addled, except ironically, and there was no trace of irony in this comment. The comment exists only to stir up shit.

  1. While I think that Apple’s iPhone is a cut far and above the rest it’s hilarious to hear these so called intelligence agencies go on about the company. It’s especially ironical to read “It provides the capacity to maliciously modify or steal information. And it provides the capacity to conduct undetected espionage.” while the NSA has certainly done its fair share of that.

    Not to mention that these intelligence agencies are so sure that there is a weapons of mass destruction program in Iraq. After 15 years it looks more like it’s just an excuse for Apple’s home nation to murder and terrorize people.

    1. The Gizmodo article on this explicitly points out the irony that the Director of the FBI is recommending against buying Huawei phones because of a possibility that they MIGHT contain a back door, while the agency is simultaneously recommending that Apple and other US companies MUST contain a back door.

      1. Yes, it’s amazing to see the denial/hypocrisy going on.

        Oh and I replied to a post you made a while back about judge Koh. I may have been a little heavy on the insult but I remember the hard time she gave Apple in the Samsung case.

        Plus it’s a jingle for me, to the tune of Hi Ho’ Hi Ho’ it’s off to court they go.

        Go figure.

        Anyway, I always enjoy reading your stuff. Have a good one.

    2. Careful!

      A) The ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ line was a deliberate propaganda lie used in order to fool US citizens into paying for the Neo-Con-Job manifesto of invading Iraq. (Look through the history of the ‘Project for the New American Century’ for gory details). Neo-conservatives were the bulk of the Bush Jr. cabinet.

      B) ANY improvement in the wariness of the US intelligence community is a great thing. We’re talking about a government that took 9 (nine) years to admit their computer systems exposed to the Internet had been PWNed by the Chinese (via the Red Hacker Alliance).

      C) We’re talking about Android phones here. DUH, don’t use them! Android continues to be the single most dangerous operating system commercially available®™. Even Google can’t stop the constant onslaught of malware perpetrated and discovered on Android devices. Meanwhile, the FragmAndroid nightmare continues whereby it is impossible for the vast majority of Android device owners to install the latest Android OS security updates.

      Therefore, despite the high silliness level being injected into and projected from the US intelligence community (Example: Their constant attacks on the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution), banning Chinese Android anything is a step forward.

      Equally, I’m pleased to see the lazy SEC having enough fortitude to bar a Chinese investor from buying the Chicago Stock Exchange.

      I use the phrase ‘China: Criminal Nation’ for a very specific, verifiable reason. The sooner the citizens of China free themselves from totalitarianism, the better. I cheer on any Chinese who dare to be innovative and a positive influence in the world, despite their deceitful government.

      1. Hey Derek, nice to catch up again. As per usual, you have some interesting points.

        A) The weapons of mass destruction program was only part of the overall smear campaign against the Sadman Hussein, if memory serves me correctly there were accusations of Iraq being involved in the second 9-11 along with others. That propaganda by the neo-cons at you put it was also used to fool the entire world, illustrated by the presentation of Colin Powell to the UN. That propaganda has resulted in your nation invading Iraq, toppling the government, destabilizing the region and massacres of people coming close to genocide numbers. No responsibility taken, no justice for those who lied and fooled the world.

        It’s a typical approach by those from your county, delay, deny and distract so that you can go about and do what you now do, bully the world.

        B) I agree, an improvement in the wariness of your intelligence community is welcome, but not as welcome as an improvement in your nations’ ethics and morality. Terrorists torture, that is pretty low, it’s a touch better than being a pedophile, but not by much.

        C) I have no issue with your Android comments.

        One thing about your use of China as a criminal nation is what laws are being broken, their own? Yup that’s corruption for you. Totalitarianism is not a crime, if a nation wants to run that way, that’s their business, their sovereignty their country. It’s one thing to be a nation that is brutal towards their own people, it’s another thing for a nation to disregard the sovereignty of their own people be brutal towards people of other nations. China fits that bill regarding their invasion of Tibet and y our nation fits that bill regarding your invasion of Iraq, and now Syria it looks like. Ironically Syria was having a civil war. It’s no longer civil now that your country is stepping in, uninvited and unwanted. The Russians are doing the same thing but they were invited by the current ruling system of Syria.

        As usual, you always offer good food for thought. Be well.

        1. Excellent! This is a great discussion. I’ll reply using your letter outline.

          A) It was the US government who put Sadam Hussein into power as a response to the kidnapping of US citizens by Iran. The US wanted the war between Iraq and Iran and assisted Iraq. But then the invasion of US ally Kuwait took place under Hussein, Gulf War time, Hussein must go. Some of the same people who put Hussein into power were the ones who wanted to boot him out of power again. Super irony. One of them happened to be Neo-Con Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense under GW Bush. We need an irony theme tune. Do note that after the Gulf War, the GHW Bush laid down starvation sanctions on Iraq, famous for it’s targeting Iraqi children, who died by the thousands. I have a separate lecture on that wicked event.

          The bullying of the world by my country makes me ill. That the rest of the world finds it offensive is entirely logical to me. There are some sane military officers over here who have and continue to hope for better interactions with the rest of the world. But they’re a minority. Most are IMHO on the level of sheeple with the usual suspects pulling their strings. That the usual suspects are themselves worthy of trials as international war criminals doesn’t register on the meters around here. Then there is the fact that many are worthy of hanging for US treason. That doesn’t register either. My very very favorite treasonous crime against We The People of the United States was the enablement by the GW Bush administration of 9-11. Quite a lot of their dirty doings are now documented and verified. But obviously, my country is NOT ready to even think about the possibility of these crimes, let alone look at the facts of the matter. A great place to start studying those crimes, for those who care, is Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth: Science of 9-11 @

          There’s a stick in a hornet’s nest! But ONLY talks about facts and the science that prove them. Bravo to those daring folks who speak proven facts to power. I enjoy doing that as well, obviously.

          B) Yes indeed. Ethics and morality are in ever shorter supply in the USA. The utter corruption of our elected federal representatives, BOTH parties (!!!), blatantly demonstrates the depth of the problem.

          I will, however, point out the SAME problem in many other ‘democratic’ countries as well, including the UK, of which I am a dual citizen. I see the same lunatic extremism of BOTH major parties in the UK. Plus the UK still suffers under the quaint and idiotic system of aristocracy and royalty. At least the USA threw off that craziness a couple centuries ago.

          C) Yes, Android proves its worth every day. It’s deplorable and dangerous garbage, a sick reminder that we remain in The Dark Age of Computing.

          I’ll also point out that IoT, the Internet of Things is another sick reminder of our medieval computing. AI, artificial intelligence, is the latest opportunity for computer insanity. We get to watch the coming mayhem. (I actually have an amusing story series specifically about the detrimental aspects of AI. I do wish I’d get on with writing it).

          China: I constantly think within this heirarchy…


          For reasons I don’t understand, I am what I call a Systematologist. I gather information in order to understand The Whole. And oddly, I’m like an idiot savant about it. It’s my tiny bit of genius, relative to the usual human failings we all have in general. Therefore, I never think of atrocity governments, like those on China, Russia, North Korea, Syria, Mexico, plenty of Africa, on and on, as acceptable. I judge them as unworthy of humanity and such destructive humans who perpetrate these crimes as unworthy of the life they have been miraculously been provided. I have no interest in capital punishment. But I do have a great interest in taking these devoted criminals and putting them to work for the betterment of mankind, whether they like it or not. I’ve got a few stories along those lines as well. I consider myself a fantasy writer, just to be clear. *wink*

          China’s abuse of Tibet: An atrocity.

          The Syrian Bashar al-Assad regime abuse of its own people: An atrocity.

          The US multiple invasions, murders and invoked chaos in the Middle East: An atrocity.

          Russia vs The Chechen Republic, Ukraine, USA, ad nauseam: Atrocities.

          US NSA vs US citizens: Atrocities.

          Summary: Humans have a great tendency to be atrocious.

          Meanwhile: The real battle that’s commonly ignored, especially in the USA and the UK is The Earth vs The Humans. We humans have already irreversibly damaged out own future and likelihood of survival (both physically and mentally, please note) by way of irresponsibly excreting our waste inside our own house. Obviously, the house eventually becomes unlivable. What I recognize is that it’s not the excrement that would kill mankind. It’s the confrontation of our species with our own blatant failures and self-destructive behavior that will kill us. We will allow our species to die out of sheer disgust with ourselves.

          I’m glad/sad I’ve live long enough to watch this last point begin to play itself out. The dramatic increase in mental illness around the planet is profoundly caused by, among other things, a sense of hopelessness regarding ourselves. As ever, we note that one path to remaining sane among all this is the usual ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’. Therefore, not the parallel perpetration of fantasy as reality across the human populace of the world. What we don’t know can’t hurt us. Etc. That’s one reason why my country turned into an Idiocracy in 2016. Idiots don’t have to stop burning carbon fuels, killing off coral reefs with the resulting ocean acid and rising temperatures! We can live in a fantasized path, like happy village idiots.

          But cause and effect continue…

          1. Hey there don’t sweat the spelling errors. Great discussions are some of the reasons why I come here.

            A. Thank you for the background on Iraq and Iran. I have taken very little interest in the affairs of your country until I saw those now infamous images of Lyndie England torturing some prisoners. That is when it got personal for me. Obviously there is a lot I don’t know, so I appreciate some of the details you reveal.

            Most importantly of all is your admission “The bullying of the world by my country makes me ill.” You’ve seen my posts, I can come off pretty sharp edged with my approach but that was not always so. I’ve tried many an approach nice to outright rude and very few people will admit openly that sort of idea. I can certainly appreciate someone putting forth a counter proposal and I’ve had someone say “we need it” and I don’t agree with that, but I can respect that he put a reply to the issue. Most of the time replies focus on personal attacks and distractions. I expect that, it’s the few people that get it that are worthy of more elaborate reflective discussion.

            I’d like to dance with the issue of international war crimes a touch because to me looking at it legally is a dead end approach. Your country danced around the Geneva convention when it began to engage the high gear torture bullying, and you won’t be brought to the Hague that’s for sure. This is hard core, that is why I call them acts against humanity. What puts Apple’s home country into a unique position is that they should know better, and they go off elsewhere to bully. For the most part those other tyrannical countries, well they pretty well keep to themselves. North Korea, the hermit kingdom, Syria, a civil war, well at least until the super powers showed up. The middle east, well hey, they have been going at it for what, thousands of years, they are traditionally nomads to the area. They have not evolved to a situation your country once enjoyed, they have brought in some respect down to their level.

            B. Yes, this is a global issue, and I’ll refer you to read up on Calhoun’s behavioral sink to what I feel is the core issue, refugees everywhere and no room at the inn. Case in point, there is a post “Apple CEO Cook prays for victims, families, and loved ones of mass murder in Parkland, Florida” with over 150 replies. Now 17 people died in this massacre, so I want to go in, post something respectful, on topic because this is a great tragedy.

            Your task should you decide to accept it, is to see how many other posts there are there carry that same flavor. If you can find one, please let me know because as of the time of composition I haven’t seen a singular one. That speaks volumes to me.

            C. I’ll pick up on holistic systematics and simply share some broad brush strokes, shots in the dark if you don’t mind. The current balance between the right (intuition, empathy, holistic) and left (rational, logic, language) sides of the brain weighs heavy on the left side socially speaking, so much so that there is a certain social atrophy. Humans do have a tendency to be atrocious, it’s been part of the challenge of moving forward. Some nations are pretty close to the cave when it comes to being atrocious. Others have taken a few steps away, slowly but surely. What is extra painful about your country is to see it move from being a shining beacon of humanity’s potential towards the cave. To me at least, it’s not only where you are, it is where you are coming from. Your country used to have the cave in the rear view mirror. It’s affecting the entire world.

            We are coming to a turning point. It’s a dynamic equilibrium and I’m quite confident that a new balance will establish itself, and it will be absolutely marvelous. You’ll be able to tell when there is a post about a tragedy and the vast majority of the people will post their respects.

            1. Rather than banter on about what devolution I see in the future, I’m increasingly of the opinion that personal and interpersonal creativity is the best path forward. Because the world news in general has become depressing and desolate, I’m discovering the importance of creating one’s own creative local and inner world in which to allow and engender one’s creativity. I suppose the general concept is to MAKE a better world locally and live out the creativity of that better world.

              We humans are brilliant at imaging ourselves being anywhere but in the real world. Usually, this is abused as a method of hiding. At MDN we have a plethora of delusionals who abuse personal illusions by pretending they’re real and bullying others in hopes of making them delusional as well. We’re at the point in general discourse in the USA of wondering What Is Real And What Is Lie?

              I’m not sure it’s evident from outside the USA, but the PRIME source of bullshite propaganda comes from our MEDIA. Decades ago the loony rightists took a page from the loony fake ‘christian’ dogma perpetration and began spewing endless, hate-filled PROPAGANDA to the masses. Rush Bimbaugh, oops, Limbaugh stands out a core example. He’s been blatantly lying on the air, then lies about his lies, having no actual ethics. However, he is bombastic in his spewing of his fake ethics in an effort to suck in the suckers and turn them into ‘Ditto Heads’, that being his own term for his monocultural thinking. Right off the bat he’s assaulted the nature of nature, which is anything but monocultural.

              And of course propaganda is merely a branch of marketing. And of course we live in an age of marketing being blasted from every corner of our lives, blatantly assaulting our privacy, contradicting sanity in pursuit of ca$h and pOwEr. It’s nothing new. It’s just a lot LOUDER these days, as in SHOUTING.

              Amusingly, as a side comment, it is very common over here to use a Britisher, typically with a slight cockney accent, to sell the most sleazy and stupid of television products. I have no idea why. But we do have other shill variations, such as the southern lady cook, the NASCAR driver male, the famous MODEL female, the famously FAT female redeemed, the clichéd moronic used car salesman from hell, ad nauseam.

  2. “MacDailyNews Take: As always, we recommend using real iPhones, not poor imitations, and certainly not junk from Huawei. ”

    But Trump calls the US Intel community phoneys for releasing fake news that the Russians hacked the election and continue their cyber war against the US. Notice Trump hasn’t weighed in on this story.

    1. Hillary herself hacked the election by soliciting and paying for dirt on Sanders from Russia. She then accused Russia of hacking the election. Exquisite duplicity and fraud that led to a Trump victory even though he actually tried to lose the general election. That’s how good her scheme worked to get him elected.

  3. The six top U.S. intelligence chiefs’ business is to spy on people, so they lied to the Senate Intelligence Committee when they warned people not to get Huawei phones. They absolutely WANT people to use insecure phones so that those spies can spy on people and stalk them electronically. The sleezebagas lied by omission also by not recommending the very secure iPhones instead. In the meantime, they prefer iPhones for personal use but expect iPhone users to give up their whole life by giving them passwords. See how they f•ck us up coming and going? By they, their budgets, all Black Box, is not even part of the gov. spending package; It’s an entirely separate item that is hidden on purpose. These are the real wasteful spenders, not some parent with kids on food stamps.

  4. While we’re chatting about dangerous Android devices, how about… This Week’s Android Security Crisis:

    The harmful drive-by currency mining scourge shows no signs of abating
    One attack sneaks coin-mining malware onto 4,300 sites. Another targets Android users.

    This is the second incident of surreptitious mass mining targeted millions of Android devices since as early as November, security provider Malwarebytes said Monday. The campaign presents a webpage to unsuspecting users warning that their device is showing suspicious signs. The site directs them to complete a CAPTCHA to prove their device is being controlled by a human rather than a malicious script. Until the end user completes the CAPTCHA, the device runs resource-exhausting code that mines Monero on behalf of the attackers.


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