Apple adds two more 3D infrared module suppliers ahead of bringing Face ID to more products

“Apple is adding two Chinese suppliers this year for a stable supply of 3-D sensing modules for its Face ID, a sophisticated 3-D facial recognition system and the signature feature of the iPhone X, according to industry sources on Feb. 8,” The Korea Herald reports.

“Apple plans to equip three new iPhones with Face ID this year,” The Korea Herald reports. “It seems to be diversifying suppliers for a stable supply of the key parts after supply constraints delayed the iPhone X’s launch last year.”

“Sources said LG Innotek will remain as the main vendor, while the secondary Chinese suppliers will produce the remainder,” The Korea Herald reports. “It is rare for Apple to have Chinese suppliers for key parts. Sources say their yield rate could affect LG Innotek’s supply volume in the future. Apple sells more than 200 million iPhones every year. ”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Whatever it takes in order to avoid the late launch that iPhone X suffered!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Apple in 2012: we have antenna problems? Better invent a story, but then we’ll fix it and offer some form of compensation as a ‘Whoops! We screwed up!’.

    Apple in 2018: no one asked for this and no one likes the feature? Clearly they are unenlighted fops, let’s put it in EVERYTHING we make and illustrate our superiority to their puny intellects with a full blown multimedia ad and political campaign! We’ll show them what’s good for them!

  2. MDN was for many years a top site for aggregated Apple news and intelligent discussion of Apple topics. While still a top site for aggregated news, the discussion is dominated by idiots whose job seems to be to be negative Apple, on and off topic. Who are these guys who strive to be first to strike negative Apple notes, no matter what the story (even non-Apple stories)? And then there are the political side tracks. The intelligent commentators are starting to disappear, and to find intelligent commentary and discussion now, you have to wade through tons of irrelevant, unintelligent garbage from political fanatics of all stripes, and an unending supply of FUDsters.
    A little moderation might go a long way.

    1. Sadly Hiram you are correct I try not to read it any more, but on occasion you catch sight of something like James above and you try to work out if he is using a faintly familiar yet entirely different language to the sane posters. Sadly after wasting 10 seconds of your life you realise it wasn’t worth the effort interpreting it.

  3. designing, testing, supply logistics and contracts, assembly, distribution and all of the other factors involved in delivering a cutting-edge technological product to retail. You hedge your bets and incorporate backup strategies to the extent possible, but there are so many potential failure points. In my opinion, Apple has done an incredible job given the instant, pent-up demand for every new product release and the fact that it contracts for its components rather than manufacturing them in-house or via a subsidiary. That is one of the advantages that Samsung possesses. It can also be a disadvantage in some cases, though.

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