Punxsutawney Phil forecasts 6 more weeks of winter for U.S. and Canada

“Pennsylvania’s most famous groundhog foresees no early end to winter,” The Associated Press reports. “Punxsutawney Phil’s handlers announced Friday the weather prognosticator saw his shadow.”

“Legend has it if the furry rodent casts a shadow on February 2, Groundhog Day, expect six more weeks of winter-like weather,” AP reports. “Phil’s prediction is decided ahead of time by the group on Gobbler’s Knob, a tiny hill just outside of Punxsutawney.”

“Spectators bundled up and bopped to music amid the camp and kitsch with the temperature around 11 degrees (minus-12 Celsius),” AP reports. “Records dating to 1887 show Phil predicting more winter 103 times while forecasting an early spring just 18 times. No records exist for the remaining years.”

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MacDailyNews Take: That’s some poor record keeping, Punxsutawney.

Happy Groundhog Day, everyone and especially for those who love winter!


      1. There are ten more months of bliss for fans of the Grand Old Party. On second Tuesday of November, that bliss will come to its end.

        It is quite impossible for them to even contemplate such an outcome, but based on virtually all available indicators (historical trends, current nation-wide approval ratings for the President and his party, current coverage in the US and the world), there will be a change in control in the US senate, and quite possibly in the Congress as well next November.

        Demographic trends in the US are merciless (for the white male conservatives, the core of current President’s support). Currently, there are fewer white than non-white children below 10 years of age. All these will start becoming voters in about eight years, and their parents already vote today.

        Current platform of the conservatives in the US is drifting further and further away from non-white population. Unless the Republican party decides to make a radical shift on issues of immigration and social care (minimum wage, health care, other labour issues), their voting block will continue to shrink.

        Recent natural disaster in Puerto Rico, and the subsequent (mis)handling of its aftermath by the federal authorities had sent nearly half a million Puerto Ricans into Florida. According to national laws, as long as these people have been residents in Florida for at least 30 days before the election, they can vote there in federal and state elections. Political observers have already declared Florida as lost for the Republicans in next presidential elections, as hardly any one of those Puerto Ricans in Florida will ever vote for Trump (or other Republicans).

        Unless the Republican party radically changes its platform, they are looking at their final months of federal control, and final three years of having the presidency. America is no longer white Christian land. For better or for worse, it belongs to the plurality of various minorities who happily live there.

        1. 👆 Says someone who lives their life in a liberal echo chamber. Seriously dude you guys just get more and more detached from reality every day. You trip over each other trying to virtue signal about socialist or SJW nonsense. While the reality is you live in your well protected bubble, don’t really give a shit about others, and purely exist to preen for attention.

          1. Oh, man…. I’m not American, I have no horse in your political race!

            Everything I said was factual. Demographic trends in America are quite clear, there is plenty of reliable, accurate statistical data (census) that doesn’t lie. America is becoming less and less white every year. And all available data points to the fact that non-white people overwhelmingly vote against Republicans. You don’t have to live in any echo chamber to understand this, although you do have to live in a conservative echo chamber to completely refuse to accept such facts.

            Anyway, good luck to you and your like-minded compatriots! I can’t imagine what choices there will be for those of you who, reveling in the current dominance of conservative politicians in the US, can’t foresee the imminent end to it.

            1. “America is becoming less and less white every year.”

              Projection statistics are not always reliable. Regarding census figures, yes the numbers have gone down slightly under eight years of Obama’s immigration policies, or more correctly, the Democrat voter registration drive locking minority voters in for life with the welfare stick and carrot.

              You have been posting this same meme for YEARS and only rely on OLD thinking and PAST data points.

              What you fail to consider is FORWARD thinking in future trends if Trump is in office for eight years, builds the wall, ends chain migration, the visa lottery and only admits the best and brightest that vote REPUBLICAN. And the economy humming, as well with historical highs in Black and Hispanic employment. Tax cuts another factor that not one Democrat voted for.

              “And all available data points to the fact that non-white people overwhelmingly vote against Republicans.”

              See above …

            2. I totally understand how what you say makes sense, but I’m afraid it is very much wishful thinking. Professional demographers are all in agreement, USA will become minority white within a single generation.

              For decades, non-whites have been voting overwhelmingly Democratic, regardless of policies or outcomes. It certainly doesn’t help when Trump fumbles a tweet which accidentally offends non-whites.

              It is quite impossible to imagine any meaningful percentage of immigrants voting Republican under current conditions, and it is just as difficult to imagine current conditions significantly changing over the next eight years. While in America, there is a sizeable number of people who align with current Republican positions, the world outside of America generally considers American Democrats conservative, and Republicans ultra-right-wing nationalists. It would be extremely impractical, and legally quite impossible, to impose some political test for immigrants and only admit those who declare themselves Republican. No current US law would permit such test. And without it, America can only admit migrants that want to go there, and if these migrants are reasonably representative of the world surrounding them, vast majority of them will, once they become naturalised, vote overwhelmingly Democratic.

              The problem for the Republican party aren’t migrants and their voting patterns. I don’t think they represent a meaningful block in the voting population of the USA. It is those who were born in the USA that will be deciding future elections, and there is a rapid shift in the racial makeup of that population. It is quite easy to understand why:

              Non-white families simply have more children than white families. This is the driving force behind that demographic change; not the rate of immigration.

            3. I have been reading population trends for decades and agree the they are indeed shifting. That said, lots of moving parts and disagree immigration policies that will change under President Trump will have a profound affect by cutting off the endless stream of minority indentured voters from around the world. How much, remains to be seen …

    1. We will see, botty. Frankly, I don’t foresee a Trump re-election, even if he manages to complete his first term. The dude is getting old and we don’t need another POTUS with dementia like Reagan. It is bad enough that the GOP is propping up ancient legislators who cannot even locate their offices without help and are basically puppets for their staffs. On top of that, Trump’s house of lies is going to fall apart and the negative results of his policies will begin to manifest in earnest. Massive and growing annual deficits, for instance, will rapidly reduce support for the recent “tax reform” as most of the benefits flow to the wealthy.

      I am not the mythical “libtard” that you routinely deride. If they exist, libtards exist in a small pocket at the extreme left of the political spectrum. In contrast, the extremists on the right are now mostly running the federal government and alienating the biggest political force in this nation – the moderates extending from the mid-right to the mid-left. This time of irrationality will end and the far right rats will crawl back into their bomb shelters while historians write books about the worst POTUS in history – D. J. Trump.

      Make America Rational Again!

      1. With no desire to use any facts, dipshits like bottie think that their smoke and mirrors are solid ground from which to sling their mud. No point in attempting to use data to show how moderation and pragmatic long term cooperation wins the best outcome. They have their orange clown to distract the press, corrupt officials goosing the short term economy, and an incompetent congress passing short term budgets that are as fat and bloated as ever. What could go wrong? Let’s all ignore the debt clock! They are just praying the fiscal cliff happens when the other clown party holds the white house.

        1. “Let’s all ignore the debt clock!”

          Not a bad idea since Obama ignored it for eight years while doubling the debt, MORE, than all presidents before him going back to George Washington COMBINED …

  1. PreDrugged has been posting the same opinion since Trump was elected president. Although the odds have always favored the opposition party in mid-terms, this year may be different. 10 months is a long way off and Trump is well positioned to make history, AGAIN …

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