Apple begins shipping 18-core iMac Pro units to customers

“Apple today began shipping the 18-core iMac Pro to customers in the United States, just over six weeks after it began accepting orders,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors. “The first orders are estimated for delivery starting Tuesday, February 6.”

“18-core iMac Pro configurations start at $7,399 in the United States, and with fully maxed out tech specs, the powerful workstation costs up to $13,199,” Rossignol reports. “Apple quoted a shipping estimate of 6-8 weeks for the 18-core iMac Pro, pushing most deliveries into early February, so it is ever so slightly ahead of its schedule. We haven’t confirmed if 14-core models have shipped yet.”

Rossignol reports, “iMac Pro is also available in 8-core and 10-core configurations, priced from $4,999, and those models began shipping in late December.”

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    1. I think Tim Cook needs to take a breath. He’s suffering hypoxia not thinking that Mac Pro isn’t what people need, want, and desire; and are willing to pay for a real Mac Pro.

      1. If only Apple could have your vast business wisdom steering the course.

        By the way… how large a company do you run, that you are so wise in the ways of how gigantic companies should be run?

        1. I glad you appreciate the decline in Apple performance. Maybe you think Apple’s decline in performance is a mere blip. Maybe you think Apple could be doing less well and hasn’t reached its nadir. Maybe you think think things won’t get any worse. Maybe…

      2. Fred, the Mac Pro will ship soon and your incessant giving and sniping will do nothing to hasten the date. Furthermore, you appear to be promulgating a falsehood that Cook is somehow now engaged with the professional community and oblivious regarding the Mac Pro. That is insane.

          1. Let’s see… who to believe? All the vast numbers of people buying Apple products or Fred the Troll? Hundreds of millions of people… or Fred and a few other whiners? I just can’t figure it out.

    1. Apple ships a product I won’t purchase or encourage others to purchase. Thanks for nothing, Tim, your meager and pathetic offerings are not worth my time and money. Get to work, Tim, or find an alternative occupation.

  1. Unfortunately, Apple appears to be able to deliver what any other computer company can easily deliver and most choose not to deliver it in a AIO package.

    I was looking at the iMac Pro’s exhaust and fresh air intake locations and I noticed how the position of the exhaust vent and case stand sort of redirects the hot air almost right back to the case’s lower cool-air intakes. I’d certain want to modify that rear area with some lip to stop as much warm air mixing with cool air as I could. I’d also like to find a way to ramp up those fans a bit. I’ll take the fan noise just to keep the internals from possibly overheating in the long-term.

    There’s such simple things that Apple seems to overlook and then doesn’t allow the user to make any modifications. An 18-core processor running full-tilt has got to put out an awful lot of heat. No need for me to worry because I’ll never have a use for any desktop computer that powerful. 10-cores is as high as I’ll ever need to go and even that will be overkill.

    I hope Apple is able to sell a fair amount of these iMac Pros. Apple needs to find something to help offset falling iPhone revenue if it’s actually happening.

  2. You know the base model has been offered at $3999 by Micro Center for two weekends in January. Mildly interesting to see the iMac Pro at this discount already?

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