What Apple could buy with all its cash

“Apple has typically not made large acquisitions,” Aaron Pressman writes for Fortune. “Its largest-ever deal, buying headphone maker Beats for $3 billion in 2014, pales in comparison to Google paying $12.5 billion for Motorola or Microsoft’s $26 billion LinkedIn purchase.”

“But this year, the iPhone maker plans to bring back a large part of its $250 billion in cash held overseas after recent legislation reduced the tax bill on doing so,” Pressman writes. “With so much money available, some analysts and other Apple watchers sense the possibility of a larger deal.”

“The smartphone market has matured and the tablet market has been shrinking, so Apple may be in search of entirely new areas to conquer,” Pressman writes. “That leads Brian Sozzi, executive editor at TheStreet.com, to suggest that Apple should buy Netflix or Tesla.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Forget buying Luxembourg or whatever, Apple could buy upwards of 25% of itself.

Think buybacks and dividends, not major acquisitions.MacDailyNews, January 5, 2018

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  1. No judgement on the car, but any company thinking of buying Tesla is out of their mind. That is a black hole that is burning cash faster than any company I’ve ever heard of. Worst then buying a boat. Haha

    1. Apple’s success under Tim Cook has been enormous, hard not to take issue with the petty harsh arrogant criticisms on him from MDN and it’s apple bashers who could do no better nor offer solutions

    1. “Sometimes the reward in buying a company comes from the workers you bring aboard who help rejuvenate your culture with rich new ideas.’

      or not

      When you buy a company look HARD into the reasons why they are for sale.

  2. Maybe Apple can buy, I don’t know, a computer business! Haha, I’m just sayin’…….also, maybe they can buy a company capable of bringing a Homepod to market. Wouldn’t that be marvelous?

    1. Ironically, given the original Macintosh commercial, Apple COULD buy IBM outright; that would, however, be INCREDIBLY stupid. It would be far more interesting if Apple could buy a controlling interest in Microsoft! Not fully owned, just controlled like a puppet.

  3. Apple won’t buy Tesla or Netflix, it’s not in their DNA. Further, those companies would drive down Apple margins. It’s like buying a car, the minute Apple buys a company like that, the value will drop like a rock.

  4. With Apple’s push into media, they should buy Disney, which would give them a large, ready-made experienced footprint in that business, plus a lot of leverage for other investments.

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