Angela Ahrendts is again Apple’s best-paid employee

“For Apple CEO Tim Cook, fiscal year 2017 brought good tidings in the form of a hefty 47 percent pay increase,” Seung Lee reports for The Mercury News. “Apple’s CEO since 2011 saw his salary rise to about $12.8 million in fiscal year 2017, which ended in September, from about $8.7 million in the prior fiscal year, according to a SEC filing from Apple on Wednesday. Cook’s real wealth, however, comes from his stock options. He owns 560,000 shares awarded to him in 2011 that vested in fiscal 2017, valued at $89.2 million. Apple’s CEO also has about 2.9 million more unvested shares, worth more than $450 million, according to the SEC filing.”

Angela Ahrendts, Apple's Senior Vice President Retail and Online Stores
Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores
“Cook’s pay increase in the company’s 2017 fiscal year came mostly from cash bonuses, adding about $9.3 million to Cook’s roughly $3 million annual salary. Cook’s cash bonus was the largest among the six senior Apple executives,” Lee reports. “But Cook’s overall compensation — not counting the value of his shares that vested this year — was the lowest among the six senior executives in fiscal year 2017. The other five executives each earned more than $24 million.”

Lee reports, “Senior Retail Vice President Angela Ahrendts eked out the highest paid honor by less than $100,000 due to additional compensation to help Ahrendts — the former Burberry CEO — move ‘closer to Apple’s headquarters,’ according to the SEC filing.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Having Ahrendts, with a highly successful CEO-ship on her resume, available to step in for Cook at a moment’s notice should some unforeseen tragedy happen is invaluable.

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    1. KK and Rob must have an inside track into the Apple board room to have such valuable insights into her contributions. Just because it’s not visible to the general public doesn’t mean it’s not there. But the words “I don’t know” rarely come from commentors on this forum.

      1. If the retail executive’s actions are not visible and strongly positive to the general public, then that executive needs replacing. Fanboy.

    2. Yes agreed. it’s amazing with the web, that because we don’t have to see what the other person does that we can make snap judgements like so many people do. I’m a video editor so I guess they would call me a bum because I work behind the camera in front of a Final Cut Pro screen all day. sheesh!

      1. oh and one more thing, i bet she would do a lot better job of running Apple than that clown who almost drilled HP in the ground and that Yahoo CEO.. and she was successful… pounded Yahoo right in the ground. Verizon saved them from the unemployment line.

  1. So will Phil and Eddy be taking to social media demanding equal pay? Just kidding, I realize my question is rhetorical. I’m just emphasizing that this is the way capitalism works. If your skills are more marketable, you are better at negotiating, and you are coming from the outside, you tend to draw higher pay.

  2. If there is dissatisfaction with Tim Cook as CEO, having Ahrendts, a fashion/retail CEO take over the helm would definitely put more holes in the hull of the Good Ship Apple. Let’s have someone with zero sense of technology but a huge sense of entitlement to huge annual payouts. I remember when Steve Jobs took zero salary. I would like a senior executive to show the same full commitment to the stock and refuse salary and bonuses just like Jobs did. I think the senior staff now is very greedy and not all that productive.

  3. Since, according to many knowledgeable MDN commenters, Apple CEO Tim Cook is a travesty of leadership who has allowed innovation, product quality and design standards to slip, why not replace him with Angela Ahrendts? As Burberry CEO, she oversaw a resurgence of top-drawer innovation, quality and design, rescuing the fading company from the doldrums.

    As for the sissification of Apple since the death of Steve Jobs, bullshit! Steve himself steered his company ship toward the shoals of fashion, famously promoting Jonathan Ive to unimpeachable status. Apple’s Macs and their user-friendliness were sneered at from the very beginning by serious computer professionals. And their product marketing and pricing intentionally radiate luxury appeal.

    Since it’s been that way all along, put someone at the tiller who really knows these waters. Maybe then, Apple won’t be doomed any more.

    1. No executive of any company is worth that much. There is zero practcal reason for this level of obscene pay. corporations a long time ago stopped being cost effective with their leadership expenses. There is desperate need for better oversight of management compensation.

    1. Pfui! — She runs retail operations and customer service properly, after her predecessor John Browett bungled the job. Also, being a woman, she draws fire from some of the haters away from beleaguered CEO Tim Cook. And she is quite bright — bright enough to avoid the spotlight. Nobody sees her making speeches about social justice like Tim Cook, or gyrating at Golden State Warriors games whilst iTunes festers like Eddy Cue, or printing expensive gold-leaf books and designing bespoke shotguns like Sir Jony Ive. She is literally minding the store while the men clown around.

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