U.S. economic optimism soars

“American optimism on the economy is reaching new heights and President Donald Trump’s approval ratings look to be benefiting,” Steve Liesman reports for CNBC. “The CNBC All-American Economic Survey found that for the first time in at least 11 years, more than half of respondents to the survey rated the economy as good or excellent, while a near record 41 percent expected the economy to improve in the next year.”

“‘We’re not measuring a marginal change in the economy, we’re measuring a different economy,’ said Public Opinion Strategies’ Micah Roberts, the Republican pollster for the survey. The poll of 800 adults across the nation, with a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points, was conducted Dec. 10-13 by that firm and Democratic pollster Hart Research,” Liesman reports. “The survey found that 42 percent of Americans expect their wages to rise in the next year, and 41 percent of homeowners see their home values going up, the highest level recorded since 2007. In 2011, while the country remained in an economic funk from the financial crisis, just 15 percent of homeowners thought their home prices would rise.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook and U.S. President Donald Trump at tech summit in June
Apple CEO Tim Cook and U.S. President Donald Trump at tech summit in June
“With gross domestic product rising strongly the past two quarters and the unemployment rate remaining low, Trump’s approval rating has jumped,” Liesman reports. “Forty-two percent in the poll approve of the job Trump is doing as president, up 4 points from the September survey, while 49 percent disapprove, down 3 points… Forty-seven percent approve of his handling of the economy, up 4 points from September, while 43 percent disapprove, up 2 points. For the first time during the Trump presidency, more than half of independents approved of the president’s economic stewardship. The president also improved his standing with women and blue- and white-collar workers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Increased American optimism certainly bodes very well for the economy in general and for makers of coveted goods, like Apple, in particular.

Now, bring on the much-needed U.S. personal income and corporate tax reform and repatriation tax holiday!

U.S. employment jumps more than expected in November, boosts U.S. stocks – December 8, 2017


  1. The reson most people expect it to get better is because rite now it is terrible and they can’t imagine it getting worse.

    Anecdotally the was a Facebook post from Serious Satellite radio this morning asking “Have you done all your Christmas shopping yet” 9 out of 10 responses were yes because I have no money and I won’t be doing any shopping this year.

      1. Explain to me the progress Obama made in Iraq please. OH … thats right…. HE CREATED A FCKING VACUUM in the region. Dutifully enabling the ENEMY and giving the Iranians 1.5 billion in AMERICAN GREENBACKS early in the am (UNDER COVER) to fuel the Anti-American terrorists agenda. So basically OUR U.S. TAX MONIES WERE GIVEN TO THE ENEMY to return traitors back to our homeland? The most CORRUPT President of any time in history. SAD.

        President TRUMP did in FACT inherit a TOTAL MESS. AND BTW bjr001… What EXACTLY have you done and or contributed to this county since you have been here in the U.S.? Please give specific examples.

          1. Apparently you’re completely unfamiliar with import taxes and how they’re affecting American companies, basically forcing them to hire American workers in America.

            But apparently that isn’t happening or something because you don’t like Donald Trump.

            Sorry what has Donald Trump done in the middle east? Cite soruces.

          1. Just thought this over and i have to be fair, the economy was already on the rebound close to the end of the last administration so one could say the economy would have been at this same level if that administration was still around. Sorry Pres Trump but as much as i would love to i cant give you credit for the current economy.

            1. As any regular reader of MDN knows, a registered user has a bullet by their name…but I am soooo flattered that you’ve selected my screenname as a vehicle for more libtard lies.

              you lose.


  2. This from a sample survey of 800 people out of 320 million in the US. They must have surveyed on the wealthiest part of town.

    – The economy is weak growing at 1.5% to 2%.
    – Home ownership is over a 50 year low.
    – About 30% of Americans have no retirement savings.
    – About 71% of Americans can’t save enough for retirement.
    – In 2017 consumers racked up a record over one trillion dollars in credit card debt. Yet stores are closing. That’s becasue consumers are using their CC to pay bills.
    – In 2017 store closings reached a record of nearly 7,000-8,000. This pass the 6,100 store closing of 2008.
    – In 2017 20 large retailers filed for bankruptcy protection.
    – US auto sales have been down all year. They’re on track to tie the the record of low sales of the great depression.
    – Low wages.
    – High rents. Affordable housing is a big economic problem.

      1. If you’re referring to the stock market, that might selectively be the case. Which means, of course, that the rich will get richer, while the non-rich (poor, lower middle class, middle class, families) and the unemployed and underemployed will continue to languish, living paycheck to paycheck, credit card payment to payment with rising debt, and hand-to-mouth, when they’re lucky, until the first rut in the road bumps them off the rails and into poverty and dependence.

        Who’s making the money? Not the common person on the street, but the ones with disposable income, who need it least. That may be a strong economy, if you define it that way, but its not a working one.

        1. And one more thing – nothing in your “strongest economies” statements refutes any of the post you responded to, which implies that you didn’t actually make the point you were trying to make.

    1. 800 people???? What a JOKE… out of 320 million….?? That aint no survey sonny boy.

      Sounds more like 800 people in this country who have their hands out for more Obama STASH $$$$$.

      Also. Would you please provide your “source” for this “sample” survey please.

      ps… If you wanna blame the loss of large retailers … look no further than the PASS Amazone received from the previous administration.

  3. This site has really gone off the rails. Why not start a separate site for politics? I used to regularly read the site. After a few months of avoiding it, I looked again today and I see more politics. Not to mention it is heavily biased towards one party. Why?

    1. I completely agree.

      Once upon a time this site was about Mac and Apple news.
      Then it became about Mac, iPod, and Apple news.
      Then it became about Mac, iPod, iPhone, and Apple news with an occasional smattering of politics.
      Then it became about Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple news with a sizeable smattering of politics.
      Then it became about anything at all Apple related and occasional politics.
      Now it is anything about Apple and anything political that could be even possibly tangentially related to Apple in any extreme stretch of the MDN staff’s imagination.

      This article on MDN is a perfect example. A single poll claims people’s perception of the economy and assessment of President Trump are better than a few months ago. Therefore MDN posts it. President Trump’s rating in a single poll going up by four points to 42% has virtually NOTHING to do with Apple or the technologies in any of its products.

      If this trend holds, MDN is headed toward being an alt-right site with a little bit that is Apple related thrown in.

  4. The economy was on fire before #45 came along to undo all the progress. America will be great again, higher taxes, no health insurance for everyday people, poorer people, older people. By the end of #45 term if #45 makes it, everyone will look the same….

        1. • The White House
          • The Senate
          • The House
          • The Supreme Court
          • The Governorships
          • The State Houses

          no, I don’t feel “inferior” at all, but thank you for your sincere, heartfelt concern, Loser.

  5. “the highest level recorded since 2007”

    Yes. Right before the last republican caused economic collapse of the nation. Big surprise.

    And 800 adults? Of what persuasion, economic level, etc? What bullshit this site spews..

  6. While the latest version of the GOP “tax reform” bill is not quite as stupid and evil as the previous versions, there is no denying that it is still an incredibly rushed, ill-advised, and hyper-partisan piece of legislation. Borrowing more for tax cuts while also spending more on the military is a recipe for long term disaster on top of the current deficit and debt. Please consider what will happen when this tax reform ends up triggering higher long term interest rates. The increased cost of servicing the $20T debt will overwhelm any benefits from increased economic growth. The GOP has given up on fiscal responsibility, which served as the core of the Republican platform for decades, even though the actions of the party seldom reflected much fiscal restraint.

    Certain groups will benefit from the proposed changes to U.S. tax policy financed by additional government borrowing – predominantly the wealthy via reduced tax rates, access to more favorable “pass-through” income treatment, and increased stock performance fueled by reduced tax rates.

    The only way for the wealthy to benefit so greatly is for the rest of us to pay, either now in the form of taxation or lost benefits or services, or later in the form of economic collapse from debt overload. It is illogical to attempt to stimulate the economy to such a degree under the current economic conditions – strong employment, very low interest rates, moderate levels of taxation, etc. This tax reform is a thinly veiled attempt to promote the recent GOP shift towards the alt-right agenda at the expense of most U.S. citizens. Face it, they do not care about you. Can you imagine Bannon caring about anyone other than himself?

    *Real* fiscal conservatives are highly concerned about the unwarranted increase in deficit spending when we already have a sizable annual deficit on the order of $600B and an accumulated national debt in excess of $20T. But the GOP has either bought those people off (what irony!), or threatened them into submission.

  7. Math quiz: What is 1% of $20T??

    20×10^12 * 1×10^-2 = 200×10^9, or $200B

    Each 1% increase in the interest rate for borrowing by the U.S. treasury will cost roughly an additional $200B per year. And that is on top of the existing $600B at the current (extremely low) interest rates. There is no way that increased tax revenue from GDP growth is going to outpace that effect. At an effective tax rate of 20%, an additional $1T in taxable income is needed to recover that $200B, alone.

    Get real people! We need to pay for the services that we consume. This country has lost its frigging mind.

    1. And just to amplify this…

      An additional $200B/yr (per 1% increase) to service our debt, divided by the ~150M households in the USA …

      …. equals an additional $1,333/yr expense … due from every household in the USA.

      That’s an extra $100/month.

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