Millions of people post ‘net neutrality’ comments on FCC docket; many are fake

The Wall Street Journal has uncovered thousands of “fraudulent comments on regulatory dockets at federal agencies, some using what appear to be stolen identities posted by computers programmed to pile comments onto the dockets,” James V. Grimaldi and Paul Overberg report for The Wall Street Journal.

“Reports earlier this year of fraudulent comments on the FCC docket prompted the Journal to investigate the phenomenon there and at other federal agencies. After sending surveys to nearly 1 million people — predominantly from the FCC docket — the Journal found a much wider problem than previously reported, including nearly 7,800 people who told the Journal comments posted on federal dockets in their names were fakes,” Grimaldi and Overberg report. “The Journal found instances of fakes that favored antiregulation stances but also comments mirroring consumer-groups’ pro-regulation talking points, posted without permission of people whose names were on them.”

“Such distortions, often unknown even to the agencies involved, cut against an important element of democracy, the public’s ability to participate in federal rule-making. The public-comment process, mandated by law, can influence outcomes of regulations affecting millions,” Grimaldi and Overberg report. “It is a federal felony to knowingly make false, fictitious or fraudulent statements to a U.S. agency.”

“The scope of the fake comments is evident on the FCC website in 818,000 identical postings backing its new internet policy. The agency is expected on Thursday to roll back President Barack Obama’s 2014 rules, which telecommunications companies have called onerous,” Grimaldi and Overberg report. “In a random sample of 2,757 people whose emails were used to post those 818,000 comments, 72% said they had nothing to do with them, according to a survey the Journal conducted with research firm Mercury Analytics… One 369-word comment supporting the Obama-era net-neutrality rules was posted on the FCC website more than 300,000 times… A comment from “Elzor The Blarghmaster” at 9632 Elm Road, Maywood, Ill., was among the 818,000 identical FCC comments backing the Trump policy. No such address could be found, said Jimmie Thompson, a U.S. Postal Service carrier in Maywood.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. Please clarify: are you saying that submitting fake comments to a federal agency in an attempt to subvert the democratic process is bullshit, or that the stories reporting that this has occurred are bullshit?

      If the latter, why do you not believe the Wall Street Journal, hardly an enemy of the Trump Administration or the new FCC’s telecommunications policies?

  1. Fake news from a fake country all served up on a nothing burger, and a side order of Freedom fries with a cup of fresh covfefe.

    Pity those poor folks that live in that fraud nation.

      1. I certainly would not welcome them, really not a big fan of communism or any doctrine that in practice disrespects sovereignty and human rights. Now Iceland and Sweden on the other hand, such civilized peace loving nations would be a different story.

      1. i believe this too and if you do not think that that unfettered flow of raw or unsubstantiated information is hurting the country and world you are not being honest with yourself. While some of the content is certainly true and actionable much of it is not and we are seeing this everyday with people being put on blast in national media based on unproven and often fictitious claims. Its wrecking lives, companies, and the moral fabric of the world.

        The internet and primarily big media are wrecking the world one click-bait story at a time and that goes for all sites left, right or middle they are filled with misinformation or thinly sourced, unverified material with a clear bias in almost every story. Again this is not left or right it is all of them because they are supported by advertising based on clicks. If they cant draw people in with show stopping headlines there are no clicks and thus no revenue. Its a vicious cycle which must be addressed. No i don’t know the answer but there has to be one.

        1. Ignorance, lack of common sense, stupidity & the entitlement mentality (Lazy Takers) is truly hurting (crippling) this country.

          Don’t (“GOD FORBID”) “Think Different” for Christ Sakes!! … “Think for YOURSELVES” for ONCE.

          Until we embrace a “MERIT BASED SYSTEM” this country will suffer from mediocrity and LAZINESS.

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          averse or disinclined to work, activity, or exertion; indolent. (OBESITY COMES TO MIND)
          causing idleness or indolence:
          a hot, lazy afternoon.
          slow-moving; sluggish:
          a lazy stream.
          (of a livestock brand) placed on its side instead of upright.
          verb (used without object), lazied, lazying.
          to laze.

          GET TO WORK & Do…. SOMETHING!

          For those who lack an education? GET ONE!! THERE IS NO EXCUSE. There are plenty of opportunities to obtain an education in this country. Its the individuals CHOICE to advance themselves or continue to suck off of the welfare tits of the THE TAX PAYERS HARD EARNED MONEY $$$$$$$…


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          Have a Grateful Day.

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