“Apple’s first-ever vice president of diversity and inclusion, Denise Young Smith, is leaving Apple at the end of this year, TechCrunch has learned,” Megan Rose Dickey reports for TechCrunch.Young Smith, who has only been in the position since May of this year, previously served as Apple’s head of worldwide human resources for three years.”

“Taking over as VP of inclusion and diversity will be Christie Smith, who spent 17 years as a principal at Deloitte. In her career, Smith has focused on talent management, organizational design, inclusion, diversity and people solutions,” Dickey reports. “At Apple, she’ll report to Apple VP for People Deidre O’Brien, the company announced internally today.”

“Young Smith had been talking with Apple CEO Tim Cook about the next phase of her career and life since about a year ago, according to a source. Over the last few months, Apple has been searching for a successor to replace Young Smith,” Dickey reports. “It’s not quite clear, however, when exactly Young Smith decided she would leave Apple. But based on that timeline, it seems as though Young Smith made up her mind before those comments in Bogotá, Colombia [for which] she later apologized.”

MacDailyNews Take: Um, yeah, okay.

Color us cynical, but the timing is suspect. Starts in May. Makes “controversial” comment in October. Apologizes soon thereafter. Out before year end. Or, of course, it could all simply be coincidental.

Regardless of this particular case, we get the feeling there’s a whole lotta spinnin’ goin’ on nowadays from a whole lot of people and far-flung places. How about you?

“Young Smith’s planned departure from Apple comes shortly after Cornell Tech announced Young Smith would become an executive in residence starting this January.”

MacDailyNews Note: More info: Denise Young Smith is Cornell Tech’s next executive-in-residence

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: That was quick.

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