Apple releases iOS 11.1.1 with fix for ‘A[?]’ autocorrect bug

“Apple today released iOS 11.1.1, the sixth official update to the iOS 11 operating system. iOS 11.1.1 comes a week and a half after Apple released iOS 11.1, the first major update to iOS 11,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors. “iOS 11.1 introduced new emoji and included several important bug fixes. ”

“Today’s update addresses bugs and issues that have been discovered since the release of iOS 11.1,” Clover reports.

“The update fixes an irritating autocorrect bug that has been plaguing a growing number of users,” Clover reports. “The bug causes ‘i’ to autocorrect to A[?], and is a problem that has been affecting users since the beginning of November… Today’s update also fixes a bug that could cause ‘Hey Siri'” not to work.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’re happy to say that we never experA[?]enced that one! 😉


    1. Why, yes indeed, just a few days ago on this forum many were told they need to learn to type correctly…and MDN said that it was a “teachable moment” for people who needed to learn how to do things correctly.

  1. Damn! This update bricked my phone! I started the update through iTunes, but it said the phone could not be updated and needs to be restored. It put the phone in UDP mode (stuck on connect to iTunes screen). Every time I connect to iTunes it starts the update, but kicks it out quickly and says the same thing. 🙁

    I’ll need to call Apple Support.

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