Apple acquires InVisage Technologies, makers of ‘QuantumFilm’

“As Apple continues to work on ever-smaller but more powerful computing devices, it has acquired a startup focusing on nanotechnology, and specifically as it relates to image sensors,” Ingrid Lunden reports for TechCrunch.

“TechCrunch has learned and confirmed that Apple has picked up InVisage Technologies, a startup that develops solutions to improve imaging capabilities on space-constrained devices, like smartphones,” Lunden reports. “An Apple spokesperson has confirmed the acquisition to us with its customary statement: ‘Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.'”

“It’s not clear how Apple will be using InVisage’s technology, but as a rough guide, it’s interesting to look at what the startup had developed,” Lunden reports. “Its key product is something called QuantumFilm, which brings together both software technology and material science to create smaller imaging technology that is better at taking high quality pictures in a variety of non-optimal lighting conditions.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Seems like a very logical acquisition:


  1. Watch the making of. Deal with the kitschy parts to see the short technical parts.
    Glad Apple bought these guys.
    Potential to own a sensor that everyone in the industry will need??

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