First iPhone X hands-on and unboxing images and videos appear

The first iPhone X hands-on and unboxing images and videos have begun to appear online!

Benjamin Geskin and a handful of bloggers who were invited by Apple to attend a hands-on session in New York City, have posted videos and images of iPhone X in boxes, out of boxes, and in use!

Check it out:

MacDailyNews Take: Four days to go, November 3rders!


  1. Hope this person isn’t a Apple employee or they will get fired too…#sarcasm.

    That was extremely stupid of Apple to fire that employee. It was the daughters fault. Also, it was an iPhone X which was a product that everyone already knew about so there was no secret that she was revealing in her video.

    1. It may be the daughter’s fault but he knew she was recording video. No filming on Apple’s campus without permission. No filming of a non disclosed device without permission. The father was aware and now has to suffer the consequences. I’m sure he’ll find another one with his experience. My job doesn’t let me record at my work and I know, in fact I’ll guarantee, that I’ll get fired if I do.

      1. He may have been at fault, but it wasn’t like intentional spying. At best he deserved a stern talking to. That stupid video she made didn’t effect Apple in any way. The punishment was not commensurate with the offense. Obviously the people who do the serious leaking know they will be fired already and have no concern. This will not make them stop.

  2. As soon as I saw that girl taking that video I knew the father was going to get fired. How stupid of him. Just common sense.

    Now I wonder if you can put more then one face on face ID like you can on fingerprints.

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