App switching is on iPhone X is sublime

“Apple has made a bunch of user interface improvements to accommodate iPhone X,” Killian Bell writes for Cult of Mac. “One of them is a new app switching gesture that looks glorious on the handset’s edge-to-edge OLED display.”

“We still don’t know exactly how iOS 11 will work on iPhone X’s new Super Retina HD display, or how it will handle the ‘notch,'” Bell writes. “But there’s plenty left to discover. In the brief clip below, we get our first look at iPhone X’s new app switching gesture.”

“It works by simply swiping from one corner of the display to the other,” Bell writes. “It’s simple and intuitive, and thanks to a swanky animation, it looks glorious.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Very simple and very nice!

Can’t wait (although we might have to)!


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    2. Not sure what link you guys clicked, the two links direct to Cult of Mac or Imgur. How much money have you sent to MDN for the free platform news source they provide to you? MDN please add a subscription to eliminate ads and limit commenting, I’ll pay $3-5 per month.

      1. Who are these “guys” you are chastising. Please note that my response the KingMel was to explain how web advertising operates. I was not placing judgement as I place a lot of ads myself. It’s hard to monetize a website, and I don’t begrudge MDN for doing so via ads.

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  3. Yeah, for the last week, every other article I read on my iPhone, my screen is taken over by some spam saying I won something on Amazon and I need to enter some info. I just close the page and re-open.

  4. Not noted in the wake of pixel 2 xl’s navigation button burn in fiasco is that Apple has done away with navigation buttons completely with these new gestures. Elegant way to solve the burn in problem on OLED.

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