Google’s slow Pixel 2 XL may have a major problem: Screen burn-in

”Google’s Pixel 2 XL is one of a pair of smartphones that the tech giant introduced this month,” David Meyer reports for Fortune. “Like the 5-inch Pixel 2, the 6-inch Pixel 2 XL is supposed to showcase the best that Android has to offer. However, there appear to be problems with its screen.”

“The Pixel 2 XL’s display is an LG product, and there are reports of various issues with it,” Meyer reports. “The screen uses a technology called POLED, which stands for ‘plastic organic light emitting diodes,’ and some users have been complaining about its dull color reproduction and alleged blue tint. But there may be a worse problem: screen burn-in.”

“Remember when PCs’ cathode-ray-tube (CRT) monitors required moving screen savers when not in use to stop text or images from leaving an indelible trace? The same image-retention issue sometimes affects modern OLED screens to a degree,” Meyer reports. “And, according to Android Central’s experience with its review unit, the Pixel 2 XL may be a victim. On Sunday, the specialist Android website tweeted a photo showing the device’s navigation bar as faintly visible against a gray background—evidence, it said, of screen burn-in after just a week’s use.”


MacDailyNews Take: Jay Leno has a smaller chin.

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MacDailyNews Take: Wait, a derivative, slow phone made by a search engine / online ad firm looks to have a massive hardware defect? How is that possible?

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  1. If I’m not wrong the units with the burn in are review units. Maybe they are the only ones affected and the production units have had the problem fixed but I really hope not.

    I know Apple’s displays are of a higher quality but I really hope the iPhone X doesn’t suffer the same fate. The press will have a field day if Apple’s flagship phone has the tiniest problem but I reckon Google will be given a pass.

    1. Show us how you know the Apple display is of higher quality. Same supply chain.

      I think it is completely fair to criticize Google for many things, but I think Apple has coasted too long without an adult in the office. Absentee designer Ive could learn a thing or two from its competitors regarding hardware design and user interfaces.

      Bigger gripe: why are we seeing a Fortune editorial anyway? MDN hates Fortune except when it suits their ingrained bias. There is nothing here the iPhone buyer needs to know. There is no Mac news here. Once again, MDN (itself a Google Adsense user!) posts weak hit pieces on competition without presenting facts and data, all while allowing Google to track MSN visitors. The hypocrisy is plain as day.

      Unpaid ad whore using the Apple name to cash in on cherry picked propaganda. MDN can’t make any display but they feel entitled to be judge. Given the design of this website, how is MDN entitled to review anything? In a word: parasite.

      1. Here’s how we know it will be better:

        Look at your Apple Watch. It supports a OLED screen, with no Burn-In for two years.

        Apple always tests out new tech in “lesser” product offerings first.

      2. Umm… Apple waited YEARS before adopting OLED… Why? Because it was shit until they worked out all the kinks.

        Even Samsung’s own phones don’t have the same Samsung OLED displays, because they’re too freaken expensive to put into their phones.

  2. Google is Titan so I am sure they will get the issue fixed fairly quickly for their Pixel phones.. As far as the phones already sold in the last two months, they should get those 68 phones replaced in no time.

  3. Somehow this will never be mentioned by anyone of the “reviewers” of these units… and there will be no public outcry, and it’ll just be “it only effects 2% of devices, it’s not a big deal”…

    Meanwhile, in apple land, “we have reports of MAJOR issues with the iPhone! 1 iPhone that was heat treated and deliberately bent had its screen separate! ITS THE END OF THE WORLD! APPLE IS DOOMED BECAUSE IT CANT INNOVATE ANYMORE DUE TO NOT CHANGING THE OUTWARD APPEARANCE OF PRODUCTS! THEIR STOCK WILL CRASH! ITS THE END!”

    What a bunch of crap.

  4. plastic organic light emitting diodes… screen burn-in

    I.E. Cheap, money saving crap. Sad Google. Just sad. You’re on the same old down hill road Microsoft has already trodden.

    Oh and:

    Another day, another cryptocurrency miner lurking in a Google Chrome extension

    Another Chrome extension has been found secretly harboring a cryptocurrency miner – and it appears this issue is going to get worse before it gets better.

    Where-oh-where is Project Zero when you need them? 😛

  5. There will probably be some growing pains with the iPhone X when it ships in quantity to customers, and there will be tons>/b> more digital ink splayed over the slightest glitch with iPhone X then there will ever be over this spendy piece of junk from Google/Alphabet..

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