New Zealand’s BNZ launching Apple Pay after customer feedback shows demand

“BNZ is to offer its customers the ability to use their Apple iPhone or watch to pay at contactless terminals – the second bank to do so in New Zealand,” Tamsyn Parker reports for The New Zealand Herald.The BNZ move follows that of ANZ which launched Apple Pay in New Zealand a year ago.”

“BNZ will now be the only major New Zealand bank to offer Apple Pay and Android Pay, which it launched in December last year,” Parker reports. “Stephen Bowe, head of digital at the BNZ, said it was not putting a specific date on when it would be available but it would be here by the end of October.”

“In launching Apple Pay BNZ was listening to what its customers wanted, he said. ‘We have had a lot of customers asking for this.”

A large number of its mobile banking customers used iPhones,” Parker reports. “While BNZ will launch Apple Pay, its parent company National Australia Bank isn’t launching the payment system today. Bowe said that was down to the markets being different between New Zealand and Australia.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Congrats BNZ customers!

Any bank that doesn’t support Apple Pay is run by fools. People with disposable income and the proven will to spend it – in other words, people with money (something banks seem to like) – use iPhones, not cheesy knockoffs.

It’d be like trying to run a high end restaurant with no parking spaces for German-engineered vehicles; wouldn’t last half a week.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


    1. I appreciate the satire in the structure of your response. Your “tweet,” like many of those of the person after whom yours is modeled, is not accurate. ApplePay has been available in New Zealand for quite some time from ANZ bank.

  1. I am a NZer. Every EFTPOS machine at retailers in NZ is ready for contactless payments. (Able to use Apple Pay) BNZ will be the 2nd bank to offer Apple Pay. Our 4 major banks are all owned by Australian banks, which probably explains the resistance. With more competition hopefully Apple Pay will become more widespread.

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