Best feature of Apple’s iPhone 8/Plus is one that most people will never get to use

“I’ve had my iPhone 8 Plus for a little over a fortnight now, and amidst all the new features and functions, there’s one feature that’s head and shoulders above everything else,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet. “That feature is fast charging. Seems like a simple feature, but it’s revolutionised the way that I use my iPhone.”

“My iPhone used to spend a lot of time on charge,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “Between the charger in the office, the charger in my living room, the charger in the gym, the charger in my bedroom, and the charging cradle in the car, it amounted to many hours a day (and that excludes the sneaky recharges I’d have to give it from my powerbank every so often).”

MacDailyNews Take: What in the hell are you doing with your iPhone? Rendering Pixar features on full brightness? Or was your battery just worn out? Get an iPhone Plus and an Apple Watch. We’ve never ended a day under 40% battery charge with that combination.

“Now that’s all changed. When I get in the office in the morning I hook my iPhone up to the USB-C fast charger and give it about 30 minutes to a hour, depending on how busy I am and whether I need to use it, by which point it’s pretty close to being fully charged, if not at 100 percent. From that point on I toss it on the wireless charger to keep it topped up,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “Normally, that’s enough to keep my iPhone going all day.”

MacDailyNews Take: Again: Wha?

“It’s a real shame that most owners will never get to experience fast charging,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “Apple bundled a standard charger and cable with the new iPhone, which means that to make use of fast charging owners will need Apple’s crazy-expensive $25 USB-C to Lightning cable, and a Power Delivery compatible charger.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If $25 is “crazy-expensive,” you can’t afford a smartphone. Which will save you from worrying about having to charge it every 15 minutes because your phone battery is either shot and/or you’re beyond OCD.

For those who want to fast charge their iPhones, Apple’s 29W USB-C Power Adapter with a USB-C to Lightning cable is the answer.

Comparing iPhone 8 charging speeds with fast charge, wireless and more – October 3, 2017


  1. What is this idiot talking about. I know car manufactures that provide charging mats and hotels will be adding such features too. off course wireless charging will be popular, especially at home. This person is stuck in the past and scared of the future.

  2. MDN’s long retort reflects an overly-expressed pettiness replete with minor talking points. Its continuous promotion of iWatch is getting tired, sounds desperate, and is now unentertaining.

  3. What are you doing that between home and work you’re draining your battery so much that you need to plug it in? Even on my recently replaced iPhone6 where I would be playing music and running sat nav (for traffic) with the screen permanently on I’d struggle to be at less than 75%, but normally it’d just be charged because I’d plug it into the car.
    I probably won’t get a fast charger but purely because I have plenty of chargers that came with my phones and I can plug them into my Macs so I’m never in a situation where I need to actually charge it dramatically very quickly. Buying another charger is just spending money for the sake of it.
    I did buy a qi charger and it’s nice to have by my bed so I don’t have to get tangled in cords or have to remember to unplug it if I’m half asleep, but the rest of the time it’s actually not that much more convenient. With my 9′ cables I can place it anywhere on my desk, it will reach across the whole length of my sofa, I’m actually fairly mobile whilst it charges; with the qi charger it is essentially limited to the place I put the pad (obviously I can move it) but as soon as you pick it up to use it then it comes off charge. Convenient in some ways, less so in others.

  4. My iPhone (6) will just make it through a light to moderate day.

    If I’m using the browser on the go, doing a lot of email, or streaming music during the day, I won’t make it without a charge during the day.

    Worse, when I’m traveling I need my iPhone more than ever. A day of flying, taxis, and layovers is way too much for it. I’m one of those many, many people scrounging around the terminal looking for an outlet.

    1. Agreed. I end the day very low battery (7 or 7s if there was a 7s? They’ve all been the same to me and the models of these things are completely non-obvious). Got a couple of email addresses and listen to podcasts on the morning and evening commutes. Nothing insane.

      MacDailyNews Take: Get an iPhone Plus and an Apple Watch. We’ve never ended a day under 40% battery charge with that combination.

      Yep, if you want to get a full day out of your phone battery, you should buy a $1,500 combination of top-shelf large device and a wrist remote control that serves no practical purpose for the majority of iPhone owners.

      Or I guess no OTHER practical purpose besides helping your $1,000 phone’s battery make it through a day. Seems like a battery bank is way cheaper than the watch, though.

      Better still, send a message to Apple that you’d prefer a better product to a thinner/lighter product by NOT BUYING THE NEXT ONE.

      1. Not buying the next one seems like a stupid solution. If it’s better in every way, and has a longer beytery life (whether due to better battery technology, better software optimization, the fact that the battery is new, or all of the above), you’d be stupid to keep putting up with a worse experience, or buying an Android phone for the ultimate bad experience.

      2. Oh, the pain and worries of our lives. More and more articles note the connection between tech alerts and the “help” (stress) they bring. Can you imagine leaving home without a full charge?

  5. I usually have about 75% charge at the end of the day. That was with the iPhone 6. The iPhone 8 I got recently is even better.

    I changed from Apple Watch 1 to 3. The 3 has fantastic battery life. I put it on the charger when I shower and it is good to go. I could probably just charge it every other day.

  6. On Saturday I was using my iPhone for Apple Pay tickets on the London Underground system and noticed that by the evening, the battery had become alarmingly low. I was concerned that the battery might give up before I couild touch out of the tube for the last time.

    When I got home in the early hours, I plugged in the bedside Lightning lead in the usual way and by the morning the battery was almost completely empty, It turned out that my wife had unplugged the 4-way charger that we use. She did that on Thursday morning, so instead of struggling to manage 24 hours on one charge, it had actually been working for two and a half days on that last charge and I didn’t notice that it started off only partially charged on Saturday morning.

    1. I was in Central London too on Saturday, and had the misfortune to see the car accident near Natural history museum that injured 11 people soon after in happened. Horrible day

  7. I’d be interested in knowing what price this author thinks would not be “crazy expensive”. $19, a six dollar difference? Just how much different would the price have to be?

    Also I note that he casually mentions using the Anker powerbank to fast-charge on the go, which apparently at $66 is not crazy expensive at all. (Unless Apple made it, I’m guessing.)

    1. Yes, $25 isn’t a lot in the context of purchasing a phone, but it’s crazy expensive for a 90¢ cable. These things are ridiculously inexpensive to manufacture in bulk.

  8. My 6 Plus requires a rubber band to keep the lightning cable in to charge now, I haven’t looked in to what fixing the lightning port might cost (if its even possible), but I assume it wouldn’t be worth it. If I get an X I look forward to having two ways to charge, bother wired and Qi-type charging.

      1. A wooden toothpick will also do a good job of removing pocket fluff and would be less likely to cause damage. It’s always my first course of action when I find such a problem.

        It’s amazing how a small amount of muck can make a major effect on something as finely engineered as a lightning connection.

      2. I’ve tried it with regular toothpicks, the special dental ones, etc. and have retrieved some dust, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I have to apply a decent amount of pressure to get it to start charging.

  9. Since iOS 11 my 6plus and Apple Watch series 2 have become a horrible combination. Battery life can be seen plummeting and within 20 mins of web browsing (not videos) I am down to 75%. Yes I have done clean install. Yes it only started after iOS 11. Yes I have optimised Power usage by doing all the normal tricks. The Apple Watch might drop to 80% by the end of the day but the phone has to be topped up every hour or 2.

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