Instant expert: Secrets and features of iOS 11

“It’s been ten years since Apple introduced its first mobile operating system to the world with the original iPhone, and in that time we’ve watched Apple’s touch-based OS grow from its roots as an advanced mobile phone and iPod operating system into an entire ecosystem of third-party apps, cloud services, and spin-off operating systems for wearable devices and set-top boxes.,” Jesse Hollington writes for iLounge.

“While this fall’s release of iOS 11 doesn’t provide some of the flashy new improvements that past iOS versions have, it does add some nice quality of life improvements for iPhone users, and — probably most fittingly for the tenth anniversary of the operating system — matures the iPad into a whole new realm,” Hollington writes. “As usual, iOS 11 is a free update for all supported iOS device models and is also the default version of iOS that comes installed on the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.”

“iOS 11 offers fewer system-wide user interface changes than its predecessor, however Apple has made some interesting refinements to the user experience,” Hollington writes. “Most notably among these is the new Control Center.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Unless your name is Craig Federighi, you’ll likely find something you didn’t know in the very comprehensive full article.


  1. So far all I’ve noticed is the REMOVAL of podcast episodes playing in sequence. You have to now manually play each episode, not to mention additional taps just to get an episode to play. The new podcast app SUCKS and is a massive step backwards in usability.

  2. Was freaked out by the new control center with first beta. Since I have a work phone running previous OS next to my personal running 11.1.. I really appreciate the changes. Much better!

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