iOS 11 battery life is terrible

“Are you finding that your iPhone’s battery life isn’t anywhere near as good as it was with iOS 10? You’re not alone.,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports for ZDNet.

“Every time Apple releases a new version of iOS, there never a shortage of people complaining that their battery life has gone from great to terrible. Sometimes this is just down to the iPhone or iPad needing a few charge/recharge cycles to recalibrate the battery charging mechanism and for things like Spotlight to finish indexing all the files on the device, other times it’s a bug in iOS or an app that’s sucking at the battery,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “It seems that iOS 11 has a problem that’s seriously affecting battery life.”

“I generally ignore these early reports, but we’re now almost two weeks on from release, and despite seeing iOS 11.0.1 being released, battery life continues to be a big problem for many users,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “[Beyond he usual tweaks], we’re all going to have to wait for Apple to push out a patch to address the problem (early indications suggest that iOS 11.1, which has been released to beta testers, goes some way to improve battery life).”

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MacDailyNews Take: Are you having battery issues with your iOS 11 devices? Thankfully, we’re not.

Again, if you’re able to hold out, wait for the first full point release (iOS 11.1) in order to allow Apple identify any major issues and correct them.

Apple’s iOS 11.0.1 update causes havoc for some iPhone and iPad users – October 2, 2017


        1. So why are you wasting your time commenting on them rather than pissing off and buying some wonderful Androcrap and Winblows products? Off you go… Go on…. ….

  1. My iPhone 7plus was greatly impacted immediately after the update. I’ve since rebooted it several times and it has settled down. I would say that on average I’m down 5% less battery on a daily basis. This is not a huge impact given I”m normally between 30 and 40% battery at the end of an average day for me.

  2. iPhone 7 Plus. Battery always lasted until I went to bed. After iOS 11, it never lasts past 6pm, and many times not even that long. I’ve adjusted brightness, turned off Push in Mail and turned on Reduce Motion… all of which the iOS 11 update changed against my wishes. Still, battery life sucks. Wonder why it affects some and not others? Come on, Apple!!! 😡

  3. The battery life on my iPhone 8 is just fine. And so is everything just fine with my iPad Air and iPad mini.

    I have not experienced any noticeable degradation in battery life with iOS 11.

  4. Yes, iOS 10 used to leave my iPhone 7+ with 25 to 35% by the end of the day, and rarely would I have to provide a mid-day charge on heavier-than-average-use days. On the other hand, iOS 11 leaves my phone drained before the end of the day, so now I must ply-in for an interim charge each afternoon.

      1. Not too good on my other 6plus either. Turned down many options. Had original battery checked 2 months ago by Apple and was in great condition.
        Question, can I roll back to iOS 10 and keep Watch 4 OS working correctly or will rolling back break the connection ( short term solution till Apple fixes issue)

  5. Yes, significantly worse battery problems with iPhone 6s. Not safe for a day of usage out and about like it used to be. Can’t get more than a couple of hours of heavy use without needing to go into Low Power mode. Not good.

  6. I don’t usually seem to have any bother when this one does the rounds after every year’s release, but my 6S’s battery has been absolutely hammered by iOS 11. It used to last all day. Last week I had to charge it from 0 – full three times in one day. Ridiculous.

  7. My battery life was terrible for few days on my iPhone 6S Plus. Then I reinstalled OS 11, deleted practically all apps. Used it a s a phone only with no wifi, no BT, practically no apps running.

    It was kind of the same battery running time as it was with iOS with all the apps, so even mobile phone use is eating battery.

    I started to add apps back one by one. Stopped Siri indexing on almost all apps, switched off notifications. Now I am few percent below the time of iOS 10. Almost the same as earlier but running much less apps, no Siri indexing and no notifications. Hope it will be better soon.

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