Apple’s iOS 11.0.1 update causes havoc for some iPhone and iPad users

“Last week saw Apple release iOS 11.0.1 in order to patch up a nasty email issue that was plaguing users who had made the leap to iOS 11, but things are far from smooth sailing,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports for ZDNet.

“While iOS 11.0.1 did indeed fix the email issue, it did nothing for the myriad of issues that users have been complaining about on Twitter, Apple’s official support forums, and Reddit,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “Widespread reports highlight problems ranging from poor battery life — surprise, surprise — to crashes, lock-ups, poor Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and frame drops. But it seems that iOS 11.0.1 has added to these issues, with users complaining that this release is even more unstable, with some claiming that constant crashes and lockups have essentially made their devices unusable.”

“But help is on the way,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “Apple has already pushed out a beta of iOS 11.1 to testers, and initial reports suggest that this update goes some way to fixing at least some of these issues.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As always, if you’re able to hold out, wait for the first full point release (iOS 11.1) in order to allow Apple identify any major issues and correct them.


  1. I have not seen the problems on my devices.

    In a related area:
    The battery life on the new Series 3 Watch is awesome. I have not turned the LTE on yet, but it has exceptional battery life on WiFi

    1. Same here. No problems with iOS 11 battery life on iPad Pro and iPhones 7 and 8.

      The battery life on the Apple Watch series 3 is fantastic. I sleep with it on my wrist. At night it has 100% and in the morning it is still 92%. I could probably only charge it every other day if that was important. It also seems to charge more quickly.

      The iPhone 8 also seems to have much better battery life. I haven’t checked it carefully but definitely better than the iPhone 6 I had.

    1. I gave up on custom ringtones several years back – after the second or third time an update killed ’em, and they had to be removed from iTunes and put back in there so they could be put back onto the phone. I just gave up. Been thinking about trying again lately, but you’ve just convinced me not to try still. 🙁

  2. I applied to one iPad that I don’t use a lot. Traffic is nonexistent in maps so you can’t figure out routes. To see all clear in Memphis at 8am on a weekday is unheard of and not truthful at all. But that’s what Apple maps showed on that iPad just this morning. They can’t be testing actual business processes as a user just using the iPad. QA at Apple still seems to be the job of the customer. That’s so sad.

    1. I did the same as you, IOS 11 onto an iPad that I don’t rely on too much, but in my case Maps is showing traffic quite normally and I haven’t noticed any battery life issues, so I’m inclined to put OS11 onto my other devices shortly.

      1. Same here on a mini 3. Don’t use it a lot, but I think it’s gone down 6% total since the update mostly sitting around with the WiFi on and probably not being able to connect to anything unless it is in my backpack with me at work. No major problems. Sure wish it showed the size of app updates. It would be nice to at least have a clue how long a download is going to take. I guess now we’re too dumb to be told things like that.

        1. When the upgrade is downloading, the progress bar estimates how long it will take and was reasonably accurate for me. Once downloaded I don’t know how long the update took to install because I left it working while I left the house and it was finished before I returned after a short errand. It seemed to go much like any other upgrade for me.

    2. Apple Maps and Memphis (and many other places) is still not a good deal.

      I live in the Metro and turn on Apple Maps when driving just to see what the routing suggestions are and they mostly suck. The database they use is really not that good- I think they buy it from Tom Tom- and the logic is awful.

      Out of town the data is not much better off of the Interstate. There is a bridge on US 79 over the White River that has been open for well over a year and it only recently appeared on Apple Maps despite repeated feedback by numbers people. The app still tries to route you over the old and closed bridge, scheduled to be dismantled in the future.

      In rural areas, it still does not differentiate between an unimproved farm road and an arterial paved road and tries to route you on these. Google Maps is not perfect, but largely does not have these problems.

  3. I’ve certainly notice bugs. For example, every time I have tried to access the Night Shift preferences, the Settings app crashes and brings me back to the Home Screen (a new Home button!!??). Also, with the elimination of the Video app, replaced by the TV app, I can no longer stream movies from my large video library on my iMac – no way, app just won’t do it (“times out”). I can stream those movies which were bought from Apple iTunes, but not through the Library – the TV app has to stream them directly from Apple. The Video app was unstable, but could stream movies from a large iTunes library (with considerable care and frequent crashes). TV app does not work for this purpose at all. Steve Jobs hailed the iMac as a media center for your devices. This side of Apple’s ecosystem has been neglected for years. Many of the bugs in the Video app / iTunes were ignored from version to version (though reported repeatedly) – Now the TV app doesn’t work for this purpose at all. But, let’s make sure we keep all those software engineers focused on emojis – the pre-teen girl messaging market must be a big prize for Apple. I love Apple products – but am frustrated by their seeming inability to fix multi-year, multi-version bugs. This includes never fixing the mislabeling of the village I live in, though I have reported it MANY times. It says my house is in a village that is actually about 15 miles away, even though it is showing correctly on the map, and even the maps lettermark label for the village is correct. The effect of this ripples across many apps and much functionality in iOS. I can’t believe the database change to make this correction is really that hard that no one can correct it over the span of several years (ever since Apple Maps began). By the way, Google fixed it YEARS ago (maybe even before Apple Maps – I can’t recall exactly when).

    1. It isn’t as if this happens every time. Apple generally does a fine job with software updates. Don’t even try to equate iOS 11 to beta level code. That is ridiculous.

      If you want beta code, go to Google. That’s their specialty.

      I suppose that you do everything perfectly the first time?

    2. Then wait until it gets out of “beta”. If you wait for the dot 1 release it’d be as if Apple kept it in beta all that time, but with a hundred million testers for you.

  4. I have not had any issues on any device I own or in the family. 3 iPhones and a iPad Air.. not saying people may not be having issues, and its odd to me there is always some subset of users that seem to have issues with an IOS update that large numbers of other users never see or experience.

  5. Anyone else’s TouchID stopped working since updating? Mine is an iPhone 6, but still it was working fine with iOS 11. Now it just says ‘failed. TouchID not available.’ 🙁 Bring on the X!!!

    1. Touch ID has been working better with iOS 11. (IP6). Only issue is b/g apps activity drains the battery faster. Turning them off fixes the problem. (FB, MDN!, News, YouTube app)

  6. I’m not buying anything ever again until I’m sure all the bugs are worked out. I’ll also be hiring food and med testers…

    Seriously, truly concerned about upgrading my OS’s and the iPhone 8 and X limitations, bugs, and design flaws…

    No, Android is not an option..

  7. The new podcast app no longer allows shows to be played in sequence. You have to manually play new shows or add them to a playlist. This reason alone is why I wish I didn’t upgrade to iOS 11, as if the stupid app wasn’t even tested before launch. Nothing about the upgrade stands out to me, the new control center is ok, but like most visible changes Apple makes it’s change for change’s sake. Apple breaks more functionality than it creates. Guess that’s “progress”.

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