Share files publicly with Apple’s iCloud Drive

“A new feature in High Sierra is the ability to share single files with other people,” MacMost explains.

“You can choose to share with specific people, or anyone with the link,” MacMost writes. “You can choose to allow others to just view, or also edit the file.”

MacMost writes, “This could be a good way to collaborate, or just to distribute a file to many people.”

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s sort of hidden, labeled “Add People” instead of a more-obvious “Share File,” but it’s a useful addition under macOS High Sierra regardless.


  1. iCloud stil sucks. I can’t stream my videos from the stupid service. I have to completely download the file to my iOS device…

    Dropbox and Omedrive both allow me to simply stream the videos to my device without having to download the entire video file.

    Why does Apple have to make their cloud service so inferior to the competition. Something so incredibly simple and still not incorporated.

    This is like the idiotic idea of having the control center in iOS 11 where I can turn off my WiFi and every freakin morning it turns itself back on at 5:00 am. Is Apple really this incredibly stupid? Where has all the normal logic gone with Apple? Maybe Scott should come back to the iOS devision. It might start working better.

      1. That’s a bit of misinformation. Anyone can still fully shutoff wifi and BT radios via the Settings menu. By setting up the Control Panel partial shutdown as they have done, it lets people cut off the bulk of connections while still allowing things like Pencil, Apple Watch to still function as intended. I happen to think it is a good middle position for a lot of users that want their devices to still work together.

        1. It might be nice if Apple didn’t put the controls in different places and make them work in different ways. Not intuitive, not well explained.

          Apple is the big brother they parodied in 1984.

        2. It would be nice if they would simply make the control panel item toggle through three states – on, disconnected, and off. When I put the phone in Airplane Mode there’s a slash drawn through the wifi, so making that a selectable state shouldn’t be too much trouble.

          1. Yes I was thinking the same thing. I can only suspect that they are scared people will turn it off completely when they wanted the middle state and then get all bolshie about it being too easy to make that error and holding Apple responsible for the claimed pandemonium in their lives, thus the total turn off is in a different place.

            (on another point) To claim by doing this it makes them ‘Big Brother’ well I did have to laugh at that over reaction of the century I have to say.

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