New betas show off iPhone X lock screen and home screen experience

“The new Xcode 9.1 beta has also been released by Apple today with support for the new operating system updates: iOS 11.1, watchOS 4.1 and tvOS 11.1,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “It also includes a more fully-fledged iPhone X simulator, which demonstrates the new lock screen and home screen experiences.”

“There are also some onboarding videos, for things like activating Siri or revealing Control Center, which will be shown to iPhone X users upon setup,” Mayo reports. “Whilst the simulator OS was in a bit of a weird shape in Xcode 9, the Xcode 9.1 iPhone X simulator much more closely reflects what iOS will look like on the new edge-to-edge rounded screen.”

Mayo reports, “This gives us our first close-up look at the home screen and lock screen experience for iPhone X.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Rounded corners: Good. Notch: Bad.

We pray that iPhone X notch quickly fades from view with use because right now, we can’t stop staring at the hideous thing.

We fear the iPhone X’s notch is Apple’s Opti-Grab™.

Don’t get us wrong, we’ll live with it. But, one of the main reasons we choose Apple products is because we don’t like to settle for “we’ll live with it.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. Also, thanks to this video I realized that there are now two different interfaces for the two phones — control center is swipe from the ugly notch on the X, but swipe from the bottom on other iOS 11 phones?

      Anyone else feeling like a lot of words that described Apple’s losing competitors are creeping into the Apple experience? Fragmentation, Settling, etc…

    2. I think it looks more unbalanced without the notch because you have a thicker bar at the top then the three other sides. I prefer Apples take better because all 4 corners have no thick edge, which to me looks better. The space is also put to good use. I am sure Apple tried both methods, and after some time using it, they preferred the current design. I don’t think it was overlooked.

  1. Give me a break. That notch doesn’t mean a thing in terms of compromised user experience or appearance.

    And for those critics, what would you have Apple do? They need that True Depth camera on the front for all of the goodies of Face ID, animoji’s, etc. Right now there’s no practical way to embed that under a functional screen.

    I think the use of the spaces to either side of the notice is also smart.

    But talk about a first world problem…that notch is not a problem at all.

    1. If you wish to have a screen extending all the way to all the edges and you must also place essential items on the front of the iPhone ( IR camera, flood illuminator, proximity sensor, light sensor, microphone, speaker, camera and dot projector), then there are two options. You either put them in a blank ‘forehead’ so that the screen can’t extend to the top of the case, or you group them as closely as possible together and use the remaining space for additional screen area which reaches to the edge of the case. We now know that Apple has opted for productively using every square millimetre of the available front area.

      As I’ve said before, it’s a glass half full, or half empty situation. Some regard it as a mostly rectangular screen with a missing notch, while others see it as a mostly rectangular screen with extra bunny ears.

      It’s a feature that many critics have seized upon and criticised, but it will be interesting to see how long it takes ( my guess is not long at all ), for other manufacturers to also produce phones with similarly shaped screens. There are already apps for Android which display a pseudo notch on the screen to emulate the most visible feature of iPhone X.

      Until such time as all those sensors can be somehow done away with, or located elsewhere such as beneath the screen, or into the edge of the casing, there will always have to be a trade-off about how the available frontal area is best used.

      1. Absolutely right if someone can come up with a better idea then great but so far there has been none other than the exact way that extra screen space is used which is fair but subjective. Fact is I would be fuming to think that that are could be screen but someone at Apple decided to put unnecessary ‘fillers’ in because it might upset the sensibilities of some. Sensibilities that have simply been generated by 10 an more years of thinking thats the way it has to be and don’t we just like the familiar. Well people get used to it because car companies have been experimenting with non rectangular screens in their vehicles so that they can blend them into their facias better and have more usable space in so doing and that will become the norm. And please don’t tell me that that ludicrous rectangular thing that you find in Teslas is the best way to put large screens into that particular environment it looks like an abomination. In the future now the technology exists screens will be a combination of whats practical in the user experience and what space is actually available to contain that screen they will start to become seamless to their environment. The days of rectangular except where it is strictly logical and/or standalone and un-compromised is coming to an end and in the future they will laugh at our quaint preferences as we do early tvs where the round tube was was forced into being rectangular.

      2. Also, this marketing of “all the way to the edges” is still annoying me. It absolutely does NOT go all the way to the edges. There are competing phones whose screens DO go all the way to the edges, and slightly wrap so that viewed from it the front, there is no visible border.

        I don’t especially think that’s a good thing, but it’s a thing and Apple is most definitely NOT doing that. They’ve simply removed the home button and the *sides* of the top bar and extended the screen into those areas.

        I’m with MDN that it’s ugly and distracting.

  2. They also realized that the consumer won’t know where the control center is, So by putting the control center at the top with a swipe down one of the ears, it is training the consumer. I’m sure in the next version the training wheels will be off and they’ll know how to embed the cameras and it will be gone.

    1. I think it looks more unbalanced without the notch because you have a thicker bar at the top then the three other sides. I prefer Apples take better because all 4 corners have no edge and you still have better use of the space.

    2. I have no problem with this solution, how it works in landscape is the one area over which I have concerns (been away and just getting to that point in the Event video) and this looks like it might be the best. However as translucence has been an Apple trait for some time seems a bit of a waste to lose it to black bars that won’t quite blend with the notch I suspect in portrait mode where the present choice works great to my eye and precludes that unbalanced look top and bottom. I guess usage will determine our precise views on the subject.

  3. I have no problem with the notch it gives you maximum screen within the technical limitations we are in presently. It equally reminds us of the powerful sensors it has and focuses us on how to exploit them properly all without taking up more screen than it has to. Once we are used to this and technology allows no doubt it will all become absorbed into the screen itself but that is likely years away. Having a non screen strip along the top would mean its not an edge to edge phone and we would all be frustrated with a bit of unecessary metal (glass/plastic) filling in the gaps either side which would drive me mad thinking so near yet so far.

    This look is simply something that is different to the norm of 10 years of design expectation that we have and we will soon take it for granted as the logical way to do things i.e. if it can be screen it should indeed it would be contrived not to do so especially when you consider how appropriately the battery and other info conveniently fits there without impinging on an otherwise naturally rectangular shape.

    And of course at least we won’t have to suffer MDN whinging about the design being stupid because there is no way we can tell what way up the phone is which is of course quite important with those sensors so one guesses something in screen would have to indicate that… maybe a black notch in pixels perhaps.

  4. Being forced to use two hands and swipe down from the top corner for control center is going backwards in usability. You’d think shrinking the overall body of the iPhone X (compared to the plus) would be meant to improve one-handed use?

  5. It is the notch that turned me off, and today I received my iPhone 8+. Happy with it because to me it is the best of current iPhones, while the iPhone X sounds like Xperimental to me. Perhaps I would settle with iPhone Xs (or whatever it may be called), and hoping that the notch will disappear.

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