iOS 11 adoption rate shows just how behind those who settle for Android devices are

“If you have a newer iOS device and you haven’t yet upgraded to iOS 11, you should know that you’re in an ever-dwindling group,” Mike Wehner reports for BGR. “Apple’s iPhone 8 (and the yet-to-be-launch iPhone X) come with iOS 11 pre-installed, but as with all iOS update rollouts, iOS 11 is also being installed on older devices at a brisk pace. The current percentage of iOS 11 users is nearly 25%, and since the update has only been available for about a week, that’s obviously an incredible feat.”

“The year-old Android Nougat has less than 16% adoption among Android devices,” Wehner reports. “Android Marshmallow, now roughly two years old, boasts double the number of users at 32.2%, while Lollipop comes in at 28.8%.”

“In fact, if you want to find an Android version that has a comparable percentage of adopters to Nougat you’ll have to look as far back as Android Kitkat, which has a little over 15% share,” Wehner reports. “That’s a whole lot of fragmentation.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We don’t Google’s slapdash morass “Fragmandroid” for nothin’.

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