Apple releases iOS 11.0.1

Apple today released iOS 11.0.1 which includes bug fixes and improvements for your iPhone or iPad.

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    1. Significant drop in battery life since IOS 11 update on my 6plus. At first I thought the battery was nearing the end of its useful life. A web search revealed quite a number of posts noting the same adverse change.

    2. Check the obvious like Bluetooth, WiFi and LTE and turn off what you aren’t using, When hurricane Irma was bearing down towards me I took the advice to turn off cellular data to all apps to conserve battery power. What a difference that made in keeping the battery topped off longer! I have only turned them back on as I have needed them and still don’t have quite the draw I had before. Bottom line: Turn of cellular access to apps you don’t regularly use. Updates may reset them back to On.

      1. One thing to note is using Control Centre to “turn off” WiFi or Bluetooth doesn’t actually turn it off, it just disconnects you from whatever is connected to both protocols.

        You have to go into Settings and toggle the switch off in order to actually turn them off.

  1. I vote it’s a placebo. I’m watching the Apple Support Twitter feed. iOS 11 didn’t do Apple any favors. And iOS 11.0.1 STILL presses on with that ghastly horizontal keyboard which tells me they didn’t clean up any of the slop people are complaining about.

    1. a 300Mb placebo? That would be a pretty sizeable piece of nothing. Which it isn’t (apparently). While Apple’s change log is rather vague, other sites report a major fix for Outlook/Exchange/Office365 bug (large user group there should be happy), plus some battery life improvement.

      On the issue of battery life, we shouldn’t jump to judgement immediately after the update, since it is quite possible that update may again force re-indexing of the Spotlight database, which sucks up battery rapidly, and can take up to three days. Once the indexing is done, battery life returns to normal.

  2. iPhone 6s here. The battery drain has been driving me crazy… when I turn the unit on it sometimes drops down to 8 or 9%. Restarting it seems to help a bit but not much. If I don’t touch the iPhone it’s not so bad but when I use some apps you can watch the battery drain one percent after another! :-/

    1. Same here… for the first three days. Once the phone finished re-indexing everything, battery life got significantly better. Now, it is actually even better than it was on 10. I rarely deplete more than 50% in a day (two-year old 6S), and previously, with same usage patterns, I would rarely end the day with more than 40%. Obviously, it is too early to confirm the trend (it has only been about 3-4 days since the indexing had finished and battery usage went back to normal).

      It is quite unfortunate that the phone needs this much time to re-index 16GB of data. I can only imagine how much longer it takes for people who have larger capacity (and more data). It is a very negative psychological effect, which turns into a very negative PR effect for Apple. The fact that battery life actually goes back to normal (and, for some people, even better than before) makes little difference; the first impression is all it takes to ruin the experience.

    1. Same here. No problems. Yesterday I bought an iPhone 8 4.7 inch. It ran hot for an hour or two when it first started up. Later it was fine. I imagine there is a lot that takes place in the background on a new install.

  3. I just wanted to get this out to as many places as possible. I just purchased a few Apple devices, iPhone 8 Plus, a couple of series 3 watches and a New AppleTV. In the past all my Apple purchases were signature required. It appears that policy has changed. Apple shipping policy states “may require signature”. There was no signature required check box when I placed the order. The only option was standard shipping. I say this because my $1200 iPhone 8 Plus was delivered by FedEX to the wrong address. I notified FedEX of thier delivery error. Thank god I have a honest neighbor. When I checked my online orders on the Applesite I found a mismatch of shipping requirements. I had ordered the 2 watches together yet one was shipped with signature required and the second one was not.
    I have been on the phone with Apple Support now for an hour. I have been waiting to speed to a Apple Supervisor, to find out why a $1200 iPHONE was not shipped with signature required or what determines how it’s shipped. You would think under shipping there was a selection for shipping required.
    Update finally after over an hour I spoke to an Apple Supervisor. She did say Apple has made some shipping changes, yet she could not tell me what determined when a shipment would require a signature or could she place a signature required on my orders yet to ship. My on only suggestion was to add a option on order shipping to select “Signature Require” on order.

    1. Often times, these decisions re made by the courier service. I get shipments (for online orders) almost daily (NYC, apartment building, 12th floor apartment, 10 apartments per floor). UPS always rings the bell, waits for my wife to open the door, delivers in hand. USPS, same thing. However, FedEx will more often than not just leave at the door, without even ringing the bell. My wife makes it a point to wait for them when in the morning she sees “Out for delivery” entry in the online tracking data. With FedEx, we had packages gone missing three times in five years (two mobile phones and a personal item). For the phones, the shipper simply sent a new one right away, but for the personal item, we were enormously lucky when our building security patrol found the opened package dumped in the stairway (nothing was missing). The thief found nothing of interest (it was an item of hand-made clothing for kids) and tossed it. It would have been irreplaceable.

      Shipping is a bit cheaper with some couriers if you mark “Leave at front door if no response”. For most safe suburban neighbourhoods, this is fine. For most apartment buildings, it is fine as well. However, in my neighbourhood (East Harlem), this isn’t so smart, and packages can quickly disappear if left sitting in the public hallway.

      For goods ordered online, this is of no concern. When you order something, and it doesn’t arrive, you report it to the carrier and to the shipper. Carrier will start their investigation, and the shipper will meanwhile ship a replacement product right away. You lose nothing, other than a few days of waiting time. Carrier ends up being the one to absorb the cost of the stolen item.

  4. The bug Apple introduced with iOS 7.0 in October of 2013 is still there in iOS 11.0. Move & Scale was broken and prevented wide aspect ration photos from being displayed in full from the left to right viewable area of iOS devices. If the photo was a wide aspect ratio photo of a car, for example, only the door of the car could be seen on the lock screen (or wallpaper). The Move & Scale code was broken so you could only zoom in to the photo, which was resized immediately so you could only see the middle of the photo and only zoom in from there. In iOS 6.0 and prior, the Move & Scale code worked with no issues. It was broken with the release of iOS 7.0 and hasn’t been fixed since, some 4 years ago and 4 series of iOS. The only solutions were work-arounds and third party apps that you have to download and use to “fix” the photo before you could assign it to the lock screen. Talk about corrupt. Apple has become Microsoft.

    1. That’s the way it is supposed to be. For the lock screen, leaving black bard above and below is unacceptable. The phone will therefore zoom the image (crop) so that it fills the screen top to bottom, and you can then slide it left or right to show the desired part. You cannot display a wide-aspect image in a portrait frame without cropping it, as the OS doesn’t allow for empty black bars above and below.

      Take your lockscreen photo with your phone upright (or find a portrait-aspect photo online). That should be easier to properly fit.

  5. Siri still not working for me on my iPhone 7+, it works through my AirPods but not from the phones mic, for some reason Siri cannot hear me through the phone mic.

    Anyone else have this issue?

  6. Personally I’m keeping all iPhones in the family away from upgrades until ALL apps that we w2ant or need are able to run on the new iOS. We have about 200 in the family and a lot are going to be dumped (the kids are now too old) but I need Apple to get with the developers yet again.

    On the other side of the coin I’m now worried that I need to hold off upgrading macOS as the problems in iOS may cary over to macOS

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