Get ready, Apple’s iOS 11 rolls out today

“It’s finally the day many iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users around the world have been waiting for,” Chris Smith writes for BGR. “The final iOS 11 version will be rolling out on Tuesday to compatible devices around the world. iOS 11 was available in beta since June, and we have already discovered its best tricks since then.”

“It brings over a large number of new features, and it’ll totally change the way you use the iPad. You may have already tested iOS 11, but most users haven’t, and they’ll receive software update pings later on Tuesday — here’s what they need to know,” Smith writes. “iOS 11 is indeed the biggest update for iPad ever, and a major release for iPhone. But not all iOS devices are created alike, meaning that various older models are about to be ‘killed.’ Rather than offer a sub-par experience, Apple chose to simply discontinue support for older models, which means some users won’t get to use iOS 11 on their existing gadgets. You have to have at least an iPhone 5s, iPad mini 2, or iPod touch 6th generation to run iOS 11.”

“Let’s keep in mind that hundreds of millions of iOS device users will install iOS 11 at the same time. On the off chance that something goes terribly wrong, you wouldn’t want to risk losing some of your personal data, including precious memories,” Smith writes. “Whether you back up your phone or tablet automatically, or whether you do it manually, take a few minutes to make sure you do it before iOS 11 rolls out.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Back up your devices now, so you’ll be ready if you want to upgrade as soon as iOS 11 drops!


  1. Remember to do a encrypted backup to your computer. If anything goes wrong then you can do a clean install and restore your phone with all the settings and passwords intact.

      1. That’s reassuring to hear, but I’ll still wait until it’s been proven to be flawless in prime time.

        A few days of waiting is no problem, but an unforeseen glitch could create major problems for me. I was affected by the IOS 8 WiFi problem and that taught be never to rush to upgrade until millions of others have thoroughly de-bugged it.

  2. No rush, will wait for a few updates. Apple’s getting sloppier as time goes on. Plus there’s the 180 32-bit apps I will lose with the update, some of which come in very handy sometimes. Remember the classic mode which allowed you to run iOS 9 apps for many years after OS X was released?
    I miss Steve Jobs.

    1. If any of those apps were “very handy” they would have been updated, or there is a 64-bit alternative. I have 46 apps TOTAL, the average person uses 30 apps over the course of a month, move on already.

          1. In what way? I’ve had an iPhone since the original and I have 441 apps in my collection. I know over a hundred that I still have installed are 32-bit. You just accumulate them over time. Of those hundred I still regularly (at least once a week) use over 40 of those. That’s the reason I’m not upgrading to iOS 11 any time soon. Eventually I’ll find replacements for enough of those that I’ll upgrade, but there is no need for me to drop everything and upgrade on day one.

  3. The slop in the iOS 11 GM Build that I’m seeing makes me nervous for the release. There is gray space for days in the horizontal keyboard on the sides and it’s off center.

    I hope Apple has pulled their act together. It’s truly a horrendous oversight to have in a GM Build…

    1. ~YAWN!~ People have been complaining about every new update or release, whether software or hardware, since iOS 8 and the days of PowerPC. “Apple quality is going to pieces.” “It ruined my machine!” “They are more incompetent every year!” “This thing has the worst name ever!” “Steve is slacking!” “If Apple doesn’t fix this, I’m going to Windows!” Happens every time, for 17 or 20 years now.

  4. iOS11 will still work with iTunes 12.6? I have two iPads and may convert one, but I’m not losing control of the apps on the other one with 12.7, so my Mac is staying 12.6 and the other iPad iOS10. I’m also staying with non-high Sierra.

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