Little change in iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and Apple Watch Series 3 lead times over the weekend

“Friday morning (Sep 15) Apple started taking pre-orders for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. At around 11AM ET we spot checked availability of those phones in the U.S. At the time, Apple was quoting 1-2 week lead times for most configurations,” Gene Munster writes for Loup Ventures. ” On Sunday afternoon (Sep 17th) we took a closer look at the lead times and found little change from Friday. Our Sunday afternoon lead time checks in other countries quoted similar 1-2 weeks shipping expectations.”

“The pre-order lead times are playing out as we expected with similar to the lead times as the smaller size iPhone’s over the past three years, but shorter lead times than the larger Plus sizes,” Munster writes. “Separately, we expect the iPhone 8 & 8 Plus will account for about 25-30% of iPhone units over the next year and expect the iPhone X to account for about 20% of units, so the demand for the next iPhone cycle is more or less equally split between two models which would likely lowers lead times.”

“We did similar Watch + Cellular spot checks on Friday morning and noted little change on our detailed Sunday, Sep 17 checks. All models quoted 3-4 week lead times with the one exception (Silver Aluminum Case with Seashell Sport Loop which was 4-5 weeks),” Munster writes. “Apple Watch accounts for 3% of Apple’s overall sales, but we believe adding cellular (despite the $10 per month up data up charge) will add about 2% to Apple’s overall revenue growth rate for FY18. We’re modeling for 15% revenue growth in FY18.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Our poll shows nearly 70% want to buy an iPhone X and just 20% want an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus for their next iPhone which, if Munster’s iPhone mix expectations are even close to correct, highlights the significant difference between our visitors and the general iPhone-buying public.


    1. Meanwhile, Apple is cramming more features into said ‘4 yr old design’.

      Don’t expect dramatic case redesigns. Apple usually goes for a ‘classic’ look in the design aesthetic; something that can last a while. Yeah, i know, there have been some exceptions.

      Expect the basic design to last 10+ years.

    2. If you are worried that nobody will notice that you upgraded from 7 to 8, you needn’t. As long as your phone isn’t in a case, people can easily see it has glass back. For greater recognition, I would suggest always leaving it on the table upside down, so that the glass back is clearly visible; that way, nobody will ever mistake it for a 7 (or, god forbid, 6s, or even 6 — perish the thought!).

      However, if you keep it in a case, some people may think it is a 3-year old iPhone 6 (which would be a disaster, right?).

      There are significant new features in the device (compared to 7), such as the new processor and wireless charging, that make it much better (and faster) than iPhone 7, although I’m not sure if these were of any interest to you.

  1. All over the internet today speculation that iP8 is not selling particularly well by basing it on lead times.

    Well that might be true but it seems nobody thinks that maybe they’ve just IMPROVED PRODUCTION thus lowering wait times ? We won’t know iPhone sales really until Apple releases it’s financial report.

    1. Same ol’ same ol’…If lines and wait too long, Apple bashed for not beefing up manufacturing- if lines and wait not long enough, new product is a “flop” and demand is down. Meanwhile apple still seems to come out on top till the next product launch…

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