Did you preorder your iPhone 8/Plus, Apple Watch Series 3, and/or Apple TV 4K?

Did you pre-order your iPhone 8/Plus, Apple Watch Series 3, and/or Apple TV 4K?

We did. Well, to be clear, we preordered our Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 and Apple TV 4K units without a hitch. We’re waiting for iPhone X, so we’ve passed on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

If you preordered one or more of Apple’s new products, how did it go? Whatt did you preorder?

Did Apple’s – or your carrier’s – online preordering system work well? Did you get a Day One shipping day?


  1. Ordered my wife’s 8+ 256 Grey (apple upgrade program). Hands down the easiest, smoothest order experience I’ve had for any iphone. Did the pre-auth a few days ago, woke up at 5am EST clicked two buttons and I was done. Getting it day 1. Hope hope hope, ordering my X will go as smooth.

  2. Ordered ATV 4K at 12:02am.

    I really think Apple misjudged how many people would order the iPhone X. I mean how many people are going to order older tech to save a couple hundred over the life of a phone. There will be a sick waiting list for the iPhone X. I’m waiting already.

  3. Still thinking I might stick with my 6s plus until next year. The thing holding me back from the iPhone X is the “don’t be a beta tester” thought about Apple’s first oled iPhone.

    I have noticed that every Apple store in my area has the 22nd for pick-up still available.

  4. Ordered an Apple Watch and Apple TV’s a 1:00 AM over the internet at Apple’s site with no problem at all. Apple TV due the 22nd and the Apple Watch the second or third week in October. Then went to bed.

  5. Ordered my Space Grey 256G iPhone 8 a few minutes past midnight here in western Canada. No issues or delays with ordering via the app on my soon-to-be-replaced iPhone 6. My estimated delivery date is Monday the 25th. I’m planning to upgrade my watch, but I’ll wait until the initial rush has passed and Telus is on board.

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