Apple’s iPhone X re-triggers the carrier wars

“It didn’t take long after Apple launched its new flagship iPhone X for some top US wireless carriers to signal a return to the brutal iPhone price war that hurt profit margins last year,” Rachel Gunter writes for Market Realist. “After a fierce price war that ate into profit margins in 2016, top US wireless carriers appeared to have learned their lesson, until Apple showed up with a range of new devices.”

“AT&T couldn’t wait this time for the notorious disruptor T-Mobile to beat it to the punch, so it punched first, announcing a generous iPhone promotion that allows customers to walk away with two new iPhones for the price of one,” Gunter writes. “To counter AT&T’s generous iPhone promotion, T-Mobile, Verizon Communications, and Sprint have come up with their own generous iPhone trade-in offers. Verizon, for instance, is giving up to $300 trade-in credit toward the purchase of the iPhone 8.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Excellent. The more competition, the better!

AT&T fires first shot in iPhone price war with buy-one-get-one-free offer – September 13, 2017


  1. “up to $300 trade-in credit toward the purchase of the iPhone 8”

    So if you have a 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus, you get $300. And if you have anything else, you get less. Seems like a pretty lousy deal, since a high-end used model should fetch nearly double this, and more typical models fetch $400 or more. Verizon isn’t giving away the store with this promotion—they’re probably making money on the trade-ins.

    And the AT&T offer requires you to be a DirectTV customer, if memory serves. Great for those who are, but leaving out this important detail makes it seem like a much better deal than it actually is.

  2. Buyer beware. T-Moble’s deal is even weaker than it sounds. Talked to a customer service rep this morning about the program. You trade in an iPhone 6 (or 6S or 7) and you get $12.50 per month credit on your bill, for 24 months (300 clams after 24 months). You can also trade up to next years model after you have paid off 50%. BUT, if you trade up after 50% paid off, you loose the remaining credits. You will defenately want to trade up to next year’s model, because the current 8 or X does not have Band 71, which is T-Moble’s new spectrum (better signal distance and building penetration) Being rolling out over the next 12 months. So after 12 months you trade up (presuming next years phones will have the new band, which is good – but you will only have acquired $150 in trade in credit, which is poor.

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