iPhone fan camping outside Sydney’s flagship Apple Store has regrets, embarrassed to admit he started lining up way too early

“An iPhone fan who is camping outside Sydney’s flagship Apple store for 10 days to be the first to get his hands on the latest device has revealed he regrets lining up so early,” Khaleda Rahman reports for The Daily Mail. “Mazen Kourouche is waiting outside the George Street store and plans to stay there until the iPhone 8 is released on September 22, so he can be the first in the world to unbox it for his YouTube followers.”

“But while the 20-year-old is still enjoying the experience, he admitted to Daily Mail Australia that he regrets getting there so far ahead of time,” Rahman reports. “Mr Kourouche grabbed the coveted spot at the front of the queue before Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the latest products at the company’s brand-new headquarters in Cupertino, California, on Tuesday.”

“The student, who is studying software engineering, had hoped the ‘anniversary’ iPhone X would be launched this month, but the highly-anticipated device won’t be available to pre-order until October 27 and shipped on November 3,” Rahman reports. “However, he is not prepared to spend seven weeks waiting for it. But instead of leaving and losing his current spot, he is going to drop more than $3,000 to get the new iPhone 8 Plus when it is released next week before coming back later to line up for iPhone X… ‘I had been hoping I could hit two birds with one stone and buy the iPhone 8 and X together,’ he said. ‘I will probably camp out for the X, but not for 10 days, definitely not.'””

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MacDailyNews Take: Oops!

What if Apple threw an iPhone 8/Plus launch party and nobody came? We might be about to find out.

Although we know people will buy tens of millions of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus units each quarter, we can’t imagine why. For us, the X simply blots out all else. Of course, we already have 256GB Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus units we can turn over, so that makes it easier. We also have to get a bunch new Apple Watch Nike+ (GPS + Cellular) and another bunch of Apple TV 4K units… Hoo boy!

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Here are Gene Munster’s iPhone mix estimates via Loup Ventures:

Loup Ventures FY2018 iPhone mix estimates


  1. So it doesn’t matter if you get the 8+ 256GB or the x 256GB, the competition will be the same.

    If only they produced Rose Gold, and I ordered it, there would be no competition. 😬🤓

  2. I am still so delighted with my 7 Plus that whenever Apple can get an iPhone X in my hands is fine with me. I sort of pity the tech-anxious with steroid ants in their pants. Get a life.

  3. Back in the day when not everyone had one and they were still new I can see the excitement of waiting and being part of a communal experience, but they’re going to ship millions on the first day. What’s the point of queuing?

  4. Why do we take the word of an analyst that somehow Apple is only able to make 10K units a day of iPhone X, I don’t believe that for a minute.

    Could be be less units than iPhone 8, sure, its not a significant departure from the iPhone 7. I suspect the extra time is to try and have enough units on hand to meet some level of demand..

    Course, any proof will come at the end of October if within minutes of pre-order, ship times are in January.

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