Apple slashes prices of iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 6s in India

“After releasing the new iPhone X and iPhone 8 series on Tuesday, Apple has slashed prices of its previous models as per its custom,” Moneycontrol News reports. “iPhone 7, 32 GB and 128 GB that were previously available for Rs 56,200 and Rs 65,200 respectively will now be priced at for Rs 49,000 and Rs 58,000 respectively.”

“iPhone 7 Plus is now available at Rs 59,000 for the 32 GB variant and Rs 68,000 for the 128 GB variant,” Moneycontrol reports. “Online retailers are likely to reduce prices further. For instance, iPhone 7 32 GB is available on Amazon for Rs 46,000 and on Flipkart for Rs 47,499.”

“iPhone 6s 32 GB and 128 GB will now be available for Rs 40,000 and Rs 49,000. Earlier, iPhone 6s 32 GB was priced at Rs 46,900 while the 128 GB was available at Rs 55,900,” Moneycontrol reports. “Coming to iPhone 6 plus, the phone’s 32 GB variant is now priced at Rs 49,000 while the 128 GB is available for Rs 58,000. Earlier, the 32 GB variant was available at Rs 56,100 and the 128 GB was for Rs 65,000.”

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MacDailyNews Take: 2018 is going to be a banner year for iPhone sales worldwide!


  1. What are the $ prices of these i Phones in India, and how do they compare with prices elsewhere. I wish Moneycontrol who made this report provided the $ firgues in brackets next to the Indian currency prices.

  2. Okay the Iphone 7 32GB which is RS 49000 now is £570.890 or $762.757. Same Phone in UK is £549. Indians are still paying a more with the reduced price, and it was a lot higher before. Unimpressive

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