Get shitfaced with Apple’s iPhone X

“There’s a great feature on the new iPhone X for all your friends who talk crap,” Oliver McAteer reports for for “One of the features on Apple’s latest model includes using face recognition to talk as the poop emoji and send it in a text message.”

“The highly-anticipated X model comes with all the main features that were rumored including face recognition, no home button and a full-screen interface,” McAteer reports. “The iPhone X will cost you $999 and will be shipping from November 3.”

“Apple also introduced and iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus model which come in a series of new colors including gold,” McAteer reports. “They include the highest-quality video schedule ever for the iPhone and new ‘portrait mode’ for the camera. Other features include augmented reality gaming. iPhone 8’s will start at $699, and the Plus model at $799. They will be out on September 22.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Whatever gets and keeps them talking is okay with Apple, we’re sure.


    1. Too bad they couldn’t put warp drive in the iPhone X while they were at it! /s

      I get so tired of the glass half-empty subset of people on this forum. The iPhone X is amazing.

      By the way, if you (and MDN) had paid attention to the legitimate engineering talk on this forum, you might have understood how difficult and wasteful wireless charging is at any appreciable distance. Unless you can very tightly beam power, the efficiency is total crap. Laser-based charging could work, but the wall plug efficiency of lasers is not great, and you would have to convert it back to electricity at the phone end. Widespread use of inefficient wireless charging would likely more than offset the benefit of every LED bulb installed to date. Inductive wIreless charging on a pad takes advantage of near zero distance.

      1. Ok, I hear you…but… I guess I don’t really appreciate the argument that wireless charging is inefficient. My response to that: so what! It could be incredibly convenient.

        I’ll somewhat SWAG here but I recall an article that estimated that the total cost of charging an iPhone for a year ended up being something like the cost of a single cup of coffee. That’s the ballpark at least. If so, who really cares a great deal if wireless charging was 2x or 3x more leaky/wasteful/inefficient than a connected plug. It seems a spurious argument to make on it’s face.

        If it can be done, do it. Improve on it over time.

  1. Great news about the iPhone X, but what happens to the successor to iPhone 8, will they be called iPhone 9 and then iPhone 10 (again). I will hazard a guess that the iphone 8 is the last one with home button, in the future there will be iPhone 11 and iPhone 11+, both edge to edge screen. No iPhone 9 or 10 coming. I still hope and wish that Apple keeps the SE as it is and upgrade it with better processors and camera but keep everything else same, size and shape that is

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