iOS 11 GM leak reveals key iPhone 8 secrets ahead of launch; Portrait Lighting, True Tone Display, revised AirPods, and much more

“We’re digging through the iOS 11 GM we received this evening to unpack what we can learn about the D22 ‘iPhone 8’ and the rest of the lineup ahead of Apple’s big unveiling on Tuesday,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac. “The first discovery is a stunning set of new wallpapers coming with iOS 11 and the first look at the LTE Apple Watch. Starting with what might be the most interesting new discovery: Portrait Lighting. This feature appears to be an enhancement on the iPhone’s Portrait mode effect for creating dSLR-like shots using depth by simulating different lighting effects.”

“We’re also seeing evidence that the OLED iPhone will feature a True Tone Display for white balancing like the iPad Pro lineup. As for the new resolution, we believe we’ll see 1125×2436 based on this firmware,” Hall reports. “Face ID appears to be the official marketing name for what’s been referenced as Pearl ID, the facial recognition features that will likely replace the Touch ID fingerprint recognition feature. There’s also this video tutorial for setting up the Face ID feature.”

“There even appears to be some more fun in iOS 11 that we haven’t seen yet,” Hall reports. “These are called Animoji and will use facial tracking and your voice to create expressive animated messages. And yes, there’s a smiling pile of poop… iOS 11 also references a revised version of AirPods. This is likely a minor revision and not a major upgrade… I’m guessing the charging indicator light is relocated from inside the case to the front of the case for checking charging status without opening the lid.”

“The OLED iPhone is also expected to totally ditch the concept of a Home button if favor of a full screen experience and a dynamic area denoted by a line at the bottom of each app,” Hall reports. “And there’s also clues about how the power switch (called the side button and not lock button) will be used to interact with iOS without a Home button. For example, double-clicking the side button will show Apple Pay cards and passes just like on the Apple Watch. You can also press and hold the side button to invoke Siri.”

Much more – including all of the images – in the full article here.

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    1. That would be pretty hard to implement I would think. Portrait mode has to focus on the subject and focus separately on the background. The background in you scenario is cluttered with additional people at the same distance as the “main” person.

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