What else does Apple have up its sleeve?

“As you may have heard, Apple has invited the tech press to the Steve Jobs Theater next Tuesday, Sept. 12, to witness the unveiling of the next generation of iPhones,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt writes for Apple 3.0.

“So what else is on Apple’s agenda?” P.E.D. writes. “The media’s wish list is long. Too long.”

“Mark Gurman and Alex Webb, Bloomberg: The company plans to introduce three new iPhone models, a version of its Apple TV set-top-box that can stream higher-quality, and a new version of the Apple Watch that can connect to LTE cellular data networks,” P.E.D. writes. “Kyle Wiggers, Digital Trends: Here’s everything we expect to see… New iPhones. Apple Watch Series 3. 4K Apple TV. iOS 11. HomePod. AirPods 2.”

P.E.D. writes, “I have no inside information, but my gut tells me this plate is way too full.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ll soon see!

It’s really two events worth of stuff:

• September Event 1: iPhones with releases of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra
• October Event 2: LTE Apple Watch Series 3, 4K Apple TV, HomePod demo and possible pre-order/release dates, etc.


  1. Step 1 will be to determine what the availability of products will be sufficient/ready. Apple can walk and chew gum at the same time so they will be able to massage presentation to worn in what they want to release.

    iPhone 8 will take some time to present but 7S just needs a summary of improvements. Apple Watch and iTV may take more time, especially if Apple Watch has some major advancements in the medical field.

  2. We’ll know in a few days. Certainly three new phones. Maybe Apple TV 4K.

    macOS high sierra.

    iOS 11 with ARkit. This will need a fairly long introduction.

    Everything else will be pushed to another Keynote.

    However, I could see a new Apple Watch and HomePod getting a tease just because of the huge audience that will tune in to see the new phones.

  3. If the Apple TV is *just* 4K I doubt they’ll devote a lot of time to it, if any. Launching three phones, but it’s not as if they devote huge amounts of time to both the regular and plus models – it’s not as if it’s three times as many phones as they normally launch.

    Now they have a theatre what’s to stop them doing another launch before Christmas? Once they’ve announced what they’re announcing, do a just one more thing and invite people back in a month. People’s appetites will be whetted.

    1. I like that idea. Make sure they know that there’s more to come, so we’re not left with the disappointment which is borne of thinking that they gave us all they had, when really there was plenty more just around the corner.

  4. My wish list includes a streaming service that is competitive to Hulu’s live service, Youtube TV, Sling TV, DirecTV Now, and Sony PlayStation Vue. I mean, if all those companies can do it, why not Apple. But they all have problems, not the least of which is their software is often problematic. YouTube TV doesn’t work on Apple TV. DirecTV Now doesn’t have a DVR. Sling, Sony, Hulu are missing some local channels, some are missing PBS or CNN or some other common channel that I want. I think apple should be able to do better.

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