New Apple Watch Series 3 imminent, fitness revelations suggest

“Apple has an advanced laboratory in its California HQ where it studies fitness and health. There are chambers which can mimic sub-zero through to desert conditions, pools and treadmills, rowers and cable machines. There are rooms with names like Higher, Faster and Stronger. How very Apple,” David Phelan writes for Forbes. “All this, and more, is revealed in a fascinating feature by Ben Court at Men’s Health.”

“One Apple-watcher thinks it means one thing: Apple Watch 3 is about to be revealed,” Phelan writes. “These are the words of Daring Fireball’s John Gruber, a man who knows how Apple works better than pretty much anyone: ‘Donning my Apple Kremlinologist hat, I take this story as a strong sign that we’ll see new Apple Watch hardware at next week’s event. Otherwise, why do it now?’”

Phelan writes, “I agree, and it’s just the latest of many indications that things are hurtling towards confirming Apple’s intentions of making the Watch a health-monitoring powerhouse.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bring on Series 3! We’ll be among the first in line to upgrade our Apple Watch Nike+ units!

Apple Watch Series 3 will deliver more than just LTE capability – August 21, 2017


    1. Without knowing what the 3rd Gen will bring, I won’t say that yet. But my wife had to replace hers just a few months ago, and the 2nd Gen had nothing making it worthwhile to upgrade to it. When it can *replace* her Dexcom system, though… That’ll be a big day, indeed!

      1. Indeed. That will be massive (in sales) for the Apple Watch. The Holy Grail for those with diabetes Type I or II. The kind of thing benign & convenient tech was meant to solve.

  1. Another diabetic chiming in:

    I’m also a Dexcom User and while it is great technology, it’s too invasive and with it’s business model of Planned Obsolescence, terribly expensive.

    Two points of view:

    Doesn’t Dexcom have an agreement with Apple to run directly on the Apple Watch? I’m concerned that the two companies may well be in bed and that Apple may well be content for a time in not bothering to disturb a money-making relationship.

    Still I have hope that Apple will decide to disrupt the Continuous Glucose Monitoring paradigm as it did with the music business, increasing Apple profits and benefiting Users: buy one Apple Watch (if only for the health/diabetic functionality) instead of buying sensors and transmitters and receivers again and again and again, thus eventually saving money and defeating the Industry’s Planned Obsolescence.


    I recall 6 years ago where I had experienced several good-but-expensive years with a TomTom device until it was stolen. TomTom first told me that they had the technology to track it then said “Oh no we don’t because that would be invasive of your privacy.”

    WTF ?

    Searching then began for a GPS technology (*gasp!*) on my phone (software was in it’s infancy) … and I never looked back.

    TomTom still exists and I think are now giving away map updates for their devices where they used to sell updates. And their higher end device is in the neighborhood of $250.00 (where I think I spent closer to $450 way back when)

    As I have no plans to purchase their stand-alone units or their software for my phone, I would like to be in the position to forgo Dexcom.

    Purchase software ?

    Keep it coming, Apple 🙂

  2. Doesn’t it seem a little out of line for them to introduce a new Watch at the moment?

    There has only been one additional model release since the original launch, the Series 2, but that was only after a year or more of Series 1 sales.

    I would have thought it would be new year release.

    Having said that if it’s out I’m in and will happily give my Series 2 to a family member.

    Bring it on…

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