These Apple pro apps won’t work with High Sierra

“macOS 10.13 High Sierra, the latest version of Apple’s operating system for Macs, will be arriving later this year, and as with any major system release, some things are getting left behind,” Joseph Keller reports for iMore. “If you’re a longtime user of Apple’s suite of legacy professional apps, Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio, you’ll need to to make arrangements to transition to new apps if you plan on using High Sierra.”

“Logic Studio apps, which included Logic Pro, Mainstage, Apple Loops Utility, and more, eventually gave way to Logic Pro X and an updated version of Mainstage,” Keller reports. “Most of the Final Cut Studio apps, similarly, have also fallen away, supplanted by Final Cut Pro X, though Motion and Compressor are still regularly updated.

Keller reports, “In addition to these pro apps, you’ll also need the following versions of Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Compressor, Logic Pro X, and Mainstage to ensure compatibility with macOS High Sierra…”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you’re affected, you’ll want to start thinking about moving to Apple’s newer pro apps in order to be able to keep with the latest, more secure Mac operating system.


  1. There are two issues here:

    1 – Keeping Old Apps: Those are outdated applications that some Mac users prefer to newer apps. If you want and need old apps that are only compatible with macOS Sierra and before, fine. Everything works better than it did a few years ago. Thank you, Apple.

    2 – Moving On: macOS High Sierra has requirements that old apps cannot meet, but it’s also the future. After High Sierra even 32-bit apps won’t run (Apple has given notice). So, if you’re intent on keeping up, then update to the apps that do the job today and tomorrow, and don’t stick with those from yesteryear.

    Here’s the deal. Things change. It’s the nature of technology in the 21st century so learning to adapt to the changes in measured steps will benefit Mac, iPhone, and iPad users. Cars and appliances don’t last forever. Neither will a Mac.

    I hope Apple learned from the Final Cut Studio vs. Final Cut Pro X fiasco and keeps updates flowing, but at a measured and acceptable pace for most users.

    1. Move to EverWeb ( Every bit as easy as iWeb, but much more powerful and versatile. It is under active and ongoing development thus keeping it up-to-date. They even have a video showing how to migrate an iWeb site to their application.

    1. Yes. Parallels Desktop 13 is specified as being “ready for macOS High Sierra.”

      The Mac apps that will have problems are mainly those that have to directly traverse the new APFS Apple File System. Most apps will instead use Apple APIs to interact with the file system, as they usually do.

    1. Italics tag error above. Apologies.

      An inexplicable complication regarding the update of applications for macOS 10.13 High Sierra turns out to be the fact that Apple has STILL NOT finalized the Apple File System (APFS) format. Therefore, affected developers are forced to sit around waiting for Apple to finalize APFS before they can formally develop compatible updates. Not good.

      Important: This documentation contains preliminary information about an API or technology in development. This information is subject to change, and software implemented according to this documentation should be tested with final operating system software.

      😛 😡😤😾

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