Inside Apple’s secret gym

“We all know working at cool tech companies can often mean free food all day, nap pods and leaving via a slide (maybe). But one of the best – and most helpful when it comes to money-saving – perks of a workplace is a gym,” Rachel Hosie reports for The Independent. “And a company that you may not be surprised to learn has a particularly impressive gym is Apple.”

“A few miles from Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, California, you’ll find their invite-only secret exercise lab,” Hosie reports. “This is where the tech giant’s employees workout, clad with Apple Watches and clutching iPads while they burn calories.”

“Not content with simply counting calories burned and distance travelled, however, exercisers here measure everything possible, including their oxygen consumption (via a $40,000 mask),” Hosie reports. “‘Our lab has collected more data on activity and exercise than any other human performance study in history,’ Jay Blahnik, Apple’s director of fitness for health technologies, told Men’s Health. ‘Over the past five years, we’ve logged 33,000 sessions with over 66,000 hours of data, involving more than 10,000 unique participants.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: And, yet, they still can’t stop the thing from flashing its display on and off during crunches.

Yes, we know about “Theater Mode.” We’re not doing crunches in a theater. Apple Watch should be able to use its sensors to recognize repetitive motions that occur during certain exercises and keep its display off while they’re being executed.


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