Apple CEO Cook offers prayers for those affected by Hurricane Harvey; invites Red Cross donations via iTunes Store

Apple CEO Tim Cook on Sunday offered “prayers for Texas and all those affected by Hurricane Harvey and invited people to join Apple in the relief effort by donating to the American Red Cross.

Hurricane Harvey has inundated the Houston area and beyond with unprecedented amounts of water, causing massive, 500-year flooding and displacing many people from their homes.

“An ever-expanding swath of cities and towns across Texas, already reeling from historic flooding in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, remained under siege Monday as forecasters warned of more pounding rain, rising rivers and floodwaters swallowing even more streets and neighborhoods,” The Washington Post reports. “Even as the storm had been blamed for several deaths, the full toll of the storm remained unclear. Officials warned that the danger was far from over, saying that the flooding in Texas is unlikely to recede quickly and that the storm will force more than 30,000 people from their homes.”

“‘We are not out of the woods yet,’ Elaine Duke, the acting Homeland Security secretary, said during a Monday morning briefing in Washington. ‘“Harvey is still a dangerous and historic storm,'” The Post reports. “‘We are seeing catastrophic flooding, and this will likely expand and it will likely persist as it’s slow to recede,’ Louis W. Uccellini, the NWS director, said at the Monday morning briefing. Parts of Harris County, which encompasses Houston, were pelted with 30 inches of rain in the past 72 hours, the NWS reported early Monday.”

“The Brazos River, which runs southwest of Houston, is expected to reach record heights in the coming days. National Weather Service models showed the river rising to 59 feet by Tuesday, topping the previous record of 54.7 feet. ‘A flood of this magnitude is an 800-year event, and it exceeds the design specification of our levees,’” Fort Bend County Judge Robert Hebert said in a statement Monday,” The Post reports. “The National Weather Service — which tweeted the “beyond anything experienced” description that morning — was predicting that parts of Texas could receive nearly 50 inches of rain, the largest recorded total in the state’s history. It also warned that Harvey’s relentless downpours were expected to continue until late in the week and that flooding could become much more severe. ‘We have not seen an event like this,’ William ‘Brock’ Long, administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said Monday morning at a news briefing. ‘You could not draw this forecast up. You could not dream this forecast up.'”

Before & After: Flooding on Buffalo Bayou in Houston

MacDailyNews Note: Via iTunes Store, Apple will transfer 100% of the donations to the American Red Cross which is providing relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey. Donors will receive a receipt from iTunes Store that will serve as a record of their donations. (iTunes Store does not share users personal information, so the Red Cross is unable to further acknowledge their donations.)

Donate to the American Red Cross via Apple’s iTunes Store here.


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    1. I was only the ground with grassroots relief efforts after SuperStorm Sandy in NYC. The Red Cross efforts were pathetic. They showed up way late, and were largely ineffective.

      If you want to help people, look for local groups, where most of the money you give will go directly toward affected people, not paying big showy advertising campaigns and executive salaries and large staff.
      Here’s a list of local groups, compiled by a local publication:

  1. Since Cook/Apple donated to the racist hate group SPLC, seems that Cook/Apple could donate the the relief effort.

    BTW, enlightened “educated” (I’ not referring to people who spent lots of time and money at a university but came away confident but confused)people understand the presence of god. People who see the world and life as simple, and merely the result of chance are seeing the reflection of themselves.

    1. That proposition doesn’t even rise to the level of “specious”.

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  2. Houston and the rest of the state have no zoning laws. You can build anywhere with no consequences. Your neighbor can turn their property into a storage for industrial fertilizer and you can’t do anything about it.

    Maybe, its not such a good idea to fund a rebuild with out zoning laws. No wonder the city went tits up.

    1. Absolutely incorrect. The city of Houston has some, but basically no zoning ordinances. Cities in Texas don’t have laws, they have ordinances. Most other cities, and all the other large cities, have zoning ordinances. The lack of zoning ordinances in Houston, and by the way, by the 2020 census will be the third largest city in the US, overtaking Chicago, has nothing to do with rebuilding. Each block will be rebuilt to what it was before the storm. Per capita, this is the most charitable city in the nation, the first to give to other cities and countries around he world in times of a disaster, and now it needs help from others. And, it will be provided. Those who give will receive in return. So, sinclap, you talk with your tits up, without knowledge of what you speak. Next time, read and learn before you put your mouth to hands to computer and type out of your arse.

      As all great cities, Houston will come back. Just as NYC did after the Twin Tower Disaster, and London, San Francisco and Chicago did after the Great Fires of the times, so too, will Houston. It’s people are resilient, strong, with a good government and part of a great nation and full of people in a country that will come to its aid just as Houston came to the aid for NO when Katrina hit over a decade ago.

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