Apple Watch Series 3 will deliver more than just LTE capability

“Later this year, Apple is expected to introduce its third-generation Apple Watch family, which will presumably be marketed as the Apple Watch Series 3,” Ashraf Eassa reports for Seeking Alpha. “The headline feature for the device is, of course, expected to be integrated LTE capability to allow the device to be more independent of the iPhone.”

Eassa reports, “However, I don’t think Apple’s teams spent the last year just trying to get LTE capability into the Apple Watch; the company has surely done a lot more engineering work to improve the Apple Watch Series 3 relative to the current Apple Watch Series 2.”

“For the Apple Watch Series 3, I don’t think Apple will add more CPU cores — two is more than enough. Instead, I expect Apple to try to drive up the performance per core substantially, as this should lead to a dramatic improvement in responsiveness, as well as greater freedom for app developers to write more sophisticated [apps]. I also expect an upgraded graphics processor,” Eassa reports. Also, “I think Apple will move from 512 MB of memory to 1 GB in the Apple Watch Series 3.”

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  1. I agree there needs to be something more than LTE. Consider that the rumor is that not all of the watches will even include LTE so how do you sell a series 3 with no LTE if it isn’t different then a series 2. You need other upgrades. All of these things will probably make sense but are very internal and techy and they’re not something that drives Joe Consumer to buy a series 3. I think there’s more things to come

  2. Suppose Apple has actually figured out how to read blood sugar levels with the AppleWatch. It’s a far-fetched dream, but I have to think positive. Maybe Apple is really close to making it happen.

    I believe the LTE-equipped AppleWatches are for built to serve insurance companies and healthcare facilities where requiring an iPhone would only be a burden to AppleWatch wearers.

  3. What got me to buy an Apple Watch were the health aspects, keeping track of heart frequency and my activity levels. I have no interest in LTE, but include measuring blood pressure or/AND blood sugar and I start queuing now!

    1. I have series 2 for nine months now. Love it, but want improved battery life and would love to be able to voice text or live stream while working out at the gym!!! Won’t reach my locked up iPhone. Walking the dog? Would be great then also. LTE would just feel “always connected” causing me to never think about whether my iPhone is in range, etc… it’ll just work the same – everywhere.

      Now, what am I willing to pay for this via my carrier? About $5 a month, which means they’ll charge at least $10!…

  4. >I don’t think Apple will add more CPU cores — two is more than enough

    Apparently it’s not enough to make Siri speak out loud, or to open a Youtube video without sending you back to your phone. Those are my 2 biggest complaints about Series 2 that I really hope they fix in Series 3.

  5. Hopefully, they change the design of the Apple Watch. Everybody I know doesn’t own one. They don’t own an Apple Watch because it looks like a nerdy calculator watch from the ’80’s.

    Matter of fact, almost everybody I know is an Apple fan, but some decided to get the equally ugly looking, but much cheaper Fitbit instead.

  6. So carrier will charge a fee for Apple Watch with LTE that will be deal breaker, as watch has very limited apps for justifying payment for it, few people will pay but majority won’t like lte based iPad are very few.

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