Photolemur for Mac uses AI to automatically edit your snapshots

“One of the problems of being a keen photographer is that it’s easy to slip into a mode where you treat every photograph as if it were a professional assignment,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac. “You can end up carrying around a lot of kit, and then spending a lot of time editing photos.”

“I now make a conscious effort to decide my objective in advance” Lovejoy writes. “Is it artistic – where the kit and the time will be justified by the result – or am I simply seeking to capture a memory of an event, aka a snapshot?”

“For snaps, I just use my iPhone SE – which lacks four capabilities but is otherwise a perfectly decent camera,” Lovejoy writes. “But unless I’m uploading immediately to social media, I have a strong preference for working on a Mac rather than an iPhone, even if it’s just a quick edit. And that’s where Photolemur comes in.”

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MacDailyNews Note: There’s a free trial (exports with watermark) so you can try before you buy ($30 via the Mac App Store).

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  1. Adobe is experimenting with it, too. For the average Joe or Jane, it’s probably fine. Automation, however, has been a component of professional software for a good long while, and for professional work, I have to say that as far as results are concerned, ‘AI’ controlled automation is vastly inferior. I still think it’s a fad. Eventually it will only be implemented in places that it actually makes sense. For now, though, welcome to a new hype cycle.

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