Happy 67th birthday, Woz!

Stephen Gary “Woz” Wozniak was born 67 years ago today, on August 11, 1950 in San Jose, California.

Woz co-founded Apple Computer, Inc., which is now named Apple Inc., with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne.

Wozniak created the Apple I and Apple II computers in the mid-1970s and received the National Medal of Technology in 1985, along with Steve Jobs, from U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

While he’s best remembered for the Apple II, the Disk II was actually one of Wozniak’s crowning achievements at Apple, being the company’s first 5 ½-inch floppy disk,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Mac. “Created with then-17 year old Randy Wigginton over Christmas 1977 U.S. President Reagan awards Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs 1985's National Medal of Technology(Wigginton took December 25 off; Wozniak didn’t) the peripheral not only added a whole lot of functionality to Apple’s desktop, it was an early example of the company’s present high margin business model: costing just $140 in components, and selling for upwards of $495.”

Woz is also a member of a Segway Polo team, the Silicon Valley Aftershocks.

MacDailyNews Take: Happy Birthday, Woz!


  1. Regardless of what people say or think about WOZ, the thing is without him there would be no Apple as we know it now. Thank you Woz for being a good friend to Steve Jobs and Happy Birthday

    1. agreed, however it would have been harder for SJ to become successful. Thanks to Woz, SJ had $50million + when he was only 22, which he used wisely and not booze and whores

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