Apple debuts five new Siri ads featuring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Apple has debuted five new :15 TV spots for iPhone 7 and Siri starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Each of the ads is based off a scene from the long-form ad released last week.

• The Rock x Siri – Reminder: The Rock only has one thing on his mind—it starts with a ‘D’ and rhymes with ‘ominate.’
• The Rock x Siri – Sunset Selfie: Siri can help you do lots of everyday things. Like take a selfie. In space. Like we said, everyday things.
• The Rock x Siri – Kitchen: Can you smell what The Rock and Siri are cooking?
The Rock x Siri – Leg Day: It might be leg day, but Siri and HomeKit are doing all the heavy lifting here.
The Rock x Siri – Do Not Disturb: Yes, The Rock speaks Mandarin. Is he just showing off? A little. Would it be showing off if we said Siri can understand over 20 languages? Definitely. But we did it anyway.


MacDailyNews Take: Good ads. Big budget look and feel.

After inexplicable years of glacially-paced improvements peppered with protracted periods of perplexing stagnation (say that three times fast!), Siri’s PR rehabilitation effort continues ahead of HomePod’s release.

“We’ll cover our inaction with oodles of marketing cash,” we imagine someone saying at Apple’s boardroom meeting regarding Siri and the HomePod.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson stars in Apple’s new long-form ad ‘The Rock x Siri: Dominate the Day’ – July 24, 2017


  1. Apple ads improving both in quality and quantity. They are also engaging in some social media campaigns. Here’s hoping it’ll reach back to the heights of Job’s era where Apple marketing campaigns like Think Different etc would besides being marketing successes also routinely win major awards and go ‘viral’.

    some time back T.C hired some new ad staff including Tor Myhren who is ad VP reporting directly to him. I wonder if the new direction ( including the colourful Watch ads) are the result of the new initiatives.
    (i’ve often complained about the ads in T.Cs first couple of years — remember the bad ‘genius’ ads? T.C can sometimes learn and change)

    ok now give us some Kick Ass Mac ads (Macs STILL Apple’s second largest Hardware money maker).

    1. Cook and company want to kill the Mac because, you know, it is a PERSONAL computer. Everything Apple and tech companies have pushed in the last decade are all about always leashed network connectivity, always data mining, subscription based consumer gadgets. Sadly even the libertarian politicos on this site are taken by it.

    1. Who really gives a crap about the Rock’s politics? Why is it so important to you and Botvinnik and others on this forum to divide people into two groups (Republican and non-Republican, us and them). You blame Dems for being divisive, but *you* are the one raising irrelevant issues on this forum.

      Besides, if you want to be perfectly honest, the Republican Party contains several different factions. The myth of a single, united GOP working together has been utterly destroyed over the last 18 months, and especially over the last six months. There are many people with many different ideas across the political spectrum. It is time that you learned that.

      The current President called Democrats the “enemy” (along with the press). The Speaker of the House specifically stated that he did not want to work with the Democrats. If you are looking for some root causes of deadlock in the Federal government, those are two good places to start. Fortunately, a bipartisan caucus in Congress is seeking to return to a more collaborative and reasoned approach to governance. Let us hope that the effort gains strength.

      1. Hmm. Your first paragraph would have been sufficient, no? I fear that the last two will (ironically) invite the type of heated bickering you’d rather not see here.

      2. You new around here?

        Why do I bother. Hmmm, why do you bother under a new avatar?

        My main point is Cook has taken Apple political and to the far left, during his tenure. Can we agree on that?

        And my post lauded Cook for featuring a right wing spokesperson as branching out and being inclusive to all parties. This is a good thing and rare praise from me for Mr. Cook.

        I’m fair and give credit where credit is due.

        You want to go off into the weeds off topic, be my guest …

      3. “Why is it so important to you and Botvinnik and others on this forum to divide people into two groups (Republican and non-Republican, us and them).”

        There are plenty of others who don’t identify with either of the US political parties. We are primarily people who are not Americans and there are a lot of such people on this board, Speaking for myself, I’m dismayed that so much jejune political bickering is befouling what could be an intelligent Mac discussion forum.

        As one of the people here who does not live in America, but who has seen these adverts on my TV, I haven’t got a clue who “The Rock” might be and why Apple are featuring him, so I decided to click on this article in the hope that there might have been some sort of explanation. Needless to say, I had to look elsewhere for that basic information.

  2. No, no, no. Wrong, wrong, wrong. iPhone and Apple are playing second fiddle to Johnson, and third fiddle in the distopia one.

    So, the question is, “Why is Apple promoting the Rock?” The Rock should be promoting Apple.

    Also, these are competent Hollywood-style productions of the kind with too big of a budget and using a completely academic director.

    I see no delight, no spirit, no feeling.

    But Apple is not on the wrong track; It’s on a mediocre track.

    1. I love The Rock. His personality shines through in everything he does, and I like that personality, so I’ll enjoy anything he acts in, whether it’s the ring or the stage. I used to feel the same way about Steven Seagal, but his last good movie was Under Siege. It’s all about kicking ass and taking names. But only after asking nicely, of course. Speak softly and carry a big stick.

      A similar effect operates in politics. I admire men (and women) of action more than vacillating weasels. Who doesn’t? Obviously their “actions” should proceed only after decisions arrived at using good judgement. — Ah, and right there is the fly in the ointment.—What’s good judgement? That turns out to be a political question in the end, invoking a moral code, of which there is more than one. Andso that is why I vote based on my belief in a Person, rather than his or her moral profile. Belief is instinctual and is much stronger than rational arguments. (So strong, that it’s sometimes hard to remember to be fair.) And it’s easier and safer, on average, to trust my gut than to think through every complex issue.

      So I had no idea what The Rock’s politics were, but I didn’t care, because there is more to life than political calculations, and I just plain like the guy. Now if he turned out to be creepy like Bill Cosby or Bill Clinton, or a slug like Jim Bakker, (allegedlyx3), then I’d just say, well he sure fooled me. Unless and until, I’m his #1 fan.

      1. Well said. I’m glad to read you go with your true free spirit instincts rather than someone’s politics. We need much more of that political free honesty in the world.

        The Rock was a marquee speaker at the Republican National Convention in 2012 speaking on behalf of McCain/Palin. She is my kind of woman. Shoot a moose, gut it and go whitewater kayaking and campfire cooking to end the same great day. And she looks great in heels and hose. 😍


        Also, at the same convention another famous Republican Clint Eastwood gave the famous Obama empty chair speech … classic!

        Lastly, I read a news account in the last couple weeks the Rock is considering a presidential run. As expected, largely ignored by the lamestream media. That should peak your interest … 👍🏻

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