Apple discontinues iPod nano and iPod shuffle

“Apple is discontinuing the iPod nano and iPod shuffle,” Kaya Yurieff reports for CNN Tech.

“The company confirmed on Thursday its classic media players have been removed from its website. Although they’re still available for purchase in stores, the devices will no longer be in production,” Yurieff reports. “‘Today, we are simplifying our iPod lineup with two models of iPod touch now with double the capacity, starting at just $199, and we are discontinuing the iPod shuffle and iPod nano,’ an Apple spokesperson told CNN Tech.”

“The iPod touch — the last iPod standing — will come in two options: a 32GB version ($199) and a 128GB option ($299),” Yurieff reports. “Previously, Apple also offered storage capacities of 16GB and 64GB.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPhone, killer.

It’s hardly surprising. We haven’t touched our iPod nano or iPod shuffle units since we strapped on our first Apple Watches over 2 years ago.

R.I.P., iPad nano and iPod shuffle*! You’ve both done your jobs exceedingly well!

*Do not eat iPod shuffle.


  1. interestingly enough there is a AM/FM receiver in your phone, but its not enabled.

    can’t have free content.. that wouldn’t right now would it.. gotta pay the man.

  2. My 5th gen iPod nano (with Nike+ Bluetooth receiver/sensor) is still my device for tracking runs and providing music. I have playlists based on song BPM (beats-per-minute), and sync them to iPod nano. I use these playlists to easily control and measure “cadence” (steps-per-minute) during my runs. I did not realize how important knowing ones cadence was to running effectively (as physical training), until I started doing this a few years ago. I’m much faster now because of it.

    The sensor that goes on left shoe is also a lot more accurate than a simple “pedometer.” It’s not just for counting steps. Obviously not as accurate as GPS, but pretty good after calibration. I’m going to buy last 7th gen nano, my 5th gen nano is surprisingly durable, but battery is getting old. 7th gen nano has built-in Bluetooth (no receiver needed) and works with same Nike+ sensor.

    1. The tactile buttons, negligible weight, and small size of the iPod Shuffle are great for runners. I’ve had an iPod Nano, touchscreen Garmin runner’s watch, iPhones, and an Apple Watch 2nd gen and they were much more difficult to manipulate in motion than button-equipped alternatives. I understand Apple maximizing profit, but I’m sad to see the Shuffle discontinued. Time to stock up!

      1. Somewhat true, but iPod shuffle is a bit too “minimalist” to do the things I need, like track my run “metrics” and hold a larger number of songs on separate playlists based on BPM. Yes, I know 3rd and 4th gen shuffle can have separate playlists, but 2GB does not hold enough songs, and switching between playlists quickly is awkward.

        My favorite iPod shuffle for running is the white 1st gen model that looks like a USB stick. Instead of clipping it on my sweaty clothing, I hold it in my hand like an old Apple TV remote control. And I can truly use it without looking or even reaching somewhere and interrupting my stride. It was my running iPod before I got a nano.

        My iPod nano 5th gen DOES have a physical “click-wheel.” The 7th gen model has a less convenient (for running) touch screen. However, the only control I usually need WHILE running are next song, volume up/down, and pause/resume workout, and I believe you can do those things from side buttons (which are physical).

  3. I still have my 1st gen white shuffle in the car. It’s the best option (in my opinion) because I can operate it by touch and keep my eyes on the road. Wish Apple would consider things like this when dreaming up new devices (like iPhones without physical home buttons).

  4. I use my nano everyday; sometimes for an audio-book chapter, or two. Sometime for hrs cycling, or working. The iPh is too big and too expensive to chance damage with my uses. This news isn’t good for my ears.

    1. You lost a trusted tech friend. 😥

      But no thanks to Apple, they are once again trimming product lines instead of upgrading and expanding options.

      That is what is truly sad … 😱

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