It’s official: Apple’s Safari 11 is the world’s fastest browser

“Apple calls Safari 11, the web browser that ships with macOS High Sierra, ‘the world’s fastest desktop browser,'” Roman Loyola reports for Macworld. “And based on the benchmarks we’ve run, it’s true.”

“We ran a series of browser benchmarks comparing Safari 11 (in the High Sierra public beta) to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera,” Loyola reports. “In every test except one, Safari 11 reached the finish line first. (We’ll run these tests again when High Sierra is finalized in the fall, but for now, the results are very impressive.)”

“Here’s a look at all the tests we ran, presented in alphabetical order,” Loyola reports. “We also provide links to each test so you can run it yourself.”

See all of the benchmark results here.

MacDailyNews Take: Chrome users? Hello? It’s time to think about upgrading to a better web browser (not to mention thinking about your privacy).

Tests show Apple’s new Safari 11 is the world’s fastest desktop browser – July 13, 2017


  1. Clueless Millenials, et al, while using an Android Phone & a Chromebook: “Privacy, what’s privacy? Security – what’s that? Data-mined – what’s that mean? No, no – I’m good! Really! Yeah?”

    1. Why the generational hate? You think old farts fumbling around on their newfangled compuboxes know much about online privacy? What I said makes as much sense as what you said, and it is at the same time just as false.

      There are early adopters and laggards, security-minded and careless, in every demographic.

  2. High Sierra is a desktop OS. These test results would have been more relevant had they included Internet Explorer.

    BCTW, I am a Mac Mini user/Safari user. I haven’t owned anything except Macs since 1987.

    1. Microsoft ceased feature development of IE over 2.5 years ago. Microsoft Edge would’ve been interesting to include, but it looks like they’re only including browsers available on macOS.

    1. Yup. Dumping cache into RAM vs virtual memory has been a Safari speed trick. But the fact that Safari can eat major GB to the point of hitting the RAM ceiling is bad memory management, and Apple know that very well at this point. Hopefully, they’re sorting out the RAM hog problem with v11.

  3. For a web software developer like me Chrome is a much better choice because of its huge library of supporting plugins that make my professional life much easier. Sorry to say this but Safari is no match in this regard and speed doesn’t make up what it lacks in developer tools area.

    1. I bet any plugin you want is also available in Safari.

      Name a few so we can understand what your problem is. BTW, what about security. Isn’t that a big issue for a “developer”?

      1. To name a few:
        – Modify headers
        – JSONView
        – Google Analytics debugger
        – REST client

        Can you clarify what you mean with security? Security of what? Safari? Plugins? Hard to answer such a vague question about a huge topic.

        I don’t find it appropriate to call names or ridicule other people just because you disagree. The proper way is to argue with facts.

  4. Kudos to Apple, they haven’t got slack on Safari. Safari is not perfect and beyond criticism, but Apple have kept the faith on this product. If only they had the same commitment to all their apps.

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